Am I right for you?

Am I right for You? You'll know if I’m the right person to work with if:

You’ve read the testimonials and know that I won’t steer you wrong. If you implement what I teach, you’ll see results. You value results. 

You're committed to do the work that’s needed. You have a track record in implementing.

You delight in woo-woo, soul-centered stuff. I believe in all that stuff. I listen to the little inner voice that tells me things. I trust my visions of the world.

I'm not a superhero and you don't expect me to be. I can't do it all for you. It’s your job to know how business works and I am willing to teach you.

You take responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health. And, you know when to seek help.

You experience money as a spiritual asset. You are perfectly okay with earning money. If you still have buttons about money, but, you own them and are actively working on them.

You know ...

You’re not a victim. You know that complaining keeps you stuck and are the creator of your reality.

Picture of a woman trying to decide.And you grasp that resources provided to you work powerfully, if and only if they are applied and implemented.

That the magic happens when YOU do the work. You know there are no excuses for not moving forward with your life, your business.

You're aware I’m a nerdBut a spiritual oneat that. I love giving life to all things technical and (seemingly) frustrating. Giving shape to outlets for your inner voice…. websites, design, SEO, words.

You see that I love heart and soul, functional and practical, the seen and the unseen. I know the Universe is on a mission to realize your highest potential. It expresses itself through your whole biz.

You're aware that I love to hug. If we ever meet in person, you will get warm hugs from me whenever I see you.

You know that I love movies, vintage sci-fi and astrophysics. My conversation will always be infused with references to any/all of these things without prior notice.

Just know that I believe...

... observation and empathy are two of my most important tools

... that great business design is made in the sweet spot where heart, strategy, technology, and systems overlap. 

... in the power of quiet time, reflection and doing something fun to build your business

If you're ok with all of this, then see how it all works.

Picture of the Milky Way galaxy rising from behind mountains.



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