Are You Able to Balance All Parts of Your Life?

Are You Able to Balance All Parts of Your Life?

A third of summer is gone. It seems that time is flying by. So many of us work incessantly. People who don’t take any time to rest, relax and recover. How about you? Are you able to balance all parts of your life?

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Achieving a healthy balance between work and the rest of life requires discipline.


Your life is busy, I know.

It is for that reason why it’s so important for you to take time off, to power off the constant doing, Doing, DOING. If you don’t, you will get lost. You will lose the perspective of knowing why you’re doing it to begin with.

The outcome is that you get out of alignment with what’s really important in your life.

I bet you’re saying that taking time off the last thing you need right now is to slow down. You don’t have time. There’s way too much stuff to do. Am I right?

Vacations – even just a day off here and there – are often put off and off…. until you never get round to it. And, other busy-ness hijacks personal time on the weekends. Worse yet, you use it as a buffer to finish the work you couldn’t finish during weekdays.

Being on the go all the time prevents you from seeing how exhausted you really are.

Human beings are not designed to work all the time. We need to step away, take breaks, recharge the inner batteries of the soul. Heredity built it into our biology.

Not doing so will kill you.

Stop! Take a Break…

For me, recharging my batteries involves a period of time with no work-related activity. It doesn’t take a lot all the time. Sometimes it may take an evening. Sometimes it takes a day, a weekend or a week.

Point is that there is nothing to do related to work. AT. ALL.

Here’s how you can create your own down-time:

Schedule Chunks of Time

Do so in advance. Commit to taking the time off (a day, weekend or week).

Book several long weekends, or if you can, weeks out during the year.

You could go on trips away from home. Or, you can take a staycation, if and only if, you commit not to do anything remotely connected to work.

Truth is that if you don’t plan – it won’t happen!

Set Boundaries

Woman doing yoga on top of her desk.Regeneration comes when you do power down, unplug. Unplugging includes phones and computers.

Treat it as sacred time, work-free.

Step away.

No compromises!

If others want to intrude, make it clear you are out, unreachable. They’ll get the message.

Leave the Office

Commit to being out of your office. You are making a choice to be away from work. It may even mean being away from your home life as well.

You’re not available to anyone unless of course there is a real emergency.

You’ll see how some urgent things morph into less important priorities that way. Don’t get sucked into the drama!

Delegate Responsibility, Ownership

Allow others to take on some responsibility and ownership for their own decisions. They can handle things for themselves. This is a good way to learn how to make their own decisions rather than relying on you.

This practice will build self-reliance and confidence in them.

Focus on Being Present to Fun

Do the things you enjoy.

I love walking in the woods. I immerse myself in nature. There’s something about breathing air in the midst of tall trees. Seeing the dappled sunshine falling at my feet. Listening to the aliveness of the sounds of birds and other animals calling out.

I feel myself come to life again. My chi replenishes from being out there.

For me, being in nature is a need as much as food or air or water and it is fun.

What does fun mean to you?

Create your own list.

Reset and Restore

These days are all about your energy. About replenishing your store of it for the days to come.

You may find yourself in the midst of work withdrawal at first. Just know you’ll soon embrace your freedom time. You’ll will soon feel relaxed and that nagging voice in your head will quiet down.

Take a break. I guarantee that you will return rested, relaxed and more productive. Your focus on what is important will reset as well.

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