Are You Practicing Consistent Follow-Up?

Are You Practicing Consistent Follow-Up?

Call-them-Depositphotos_218Are you a business owner who wants to make more money and grow your business? Do you face the reality of constant reaching out? Are you practicing consistent follow-up?

Sexy, right? Does it make you want to read on?

Being able to get clients is not about magic or Spirit or (even) Spirit Guides. LOA does help somewhat. That is, you need to be attractive to others to begin with. But, it isn’t the only thing that will bring clients to your door.

It’s not about complicated systems either.  

What it is about is follow up. And, most spiritpreneurs forget to do it. Why? Because they’re always looking for something more complicated. After all, a simple follow up is – well – too simple.

An Example

A number of years ago, I attended a workshop in Las Vegas. One of the exercises was a challenge where we were asked to go out onto the streets and solicit people to give us money. Whichever group generated the most money got a bonus.

Needless to say, I was angry that this man would ask me to go out on the street and ask for money. How dare he?

We did do it, though. My group wasn’t too successful (as a group). I had to leave them to meet hubby for dinner. And, while on my own, I continued asking.

The next morning, when we came back into the group, I reported how much I’d collected on my own (the money BTW, went to a local charity). And, it turned out that I collected as much as the group had together. One of the groups collected thousands of dollars. Amazing!

The exercise was meant make us realize that “making money” is an active thing. A verb. Something that is done, and done continuously.


So, how much are you leaving on the table? Are you following up on all those warm leads that have come your way? Now, you’ve got to understand that I do the same thing. So, this is as much a reminder for me as it is for you.

Why No Follow Up?Sign saying Why Not with the Not upside down.

Hey, we’re marketers, right?

We make an initial connection with a new prospect. We have an involving conversation at a networking event. We get a tip on a prime lead.

And then… you can hear the grass growing.

Yup, life gets busy.

But, knowing how to follow up and doing it consistently is key, particularly if you’re a startup.  And,  existing businesses need to stay on top of this critical revenue source.

[tweetthis]It’s way easier not to make the contact that makes you nervous. [/tweetthis]

It is all about the emotional baggage we all carry around with us….about being worthy….about asking for the sale….about appearing crass and people not liking us. You name it, you or I have it.

Below are some simple ideas for following up and getting the client. That way, you can staunch the money bleed for good:

Create a “List”

Create and constantly update a list of people you are following up with.

Prioritize the names on this list.

Whatever you choose to call it, use it faithfully as a place to store and update your warm leads.

Schedule Time for Follow Up

You’ve defined who you’re gonna call above.

Now, set aside a regular time to follow up. Call it whatever you want. But, make sure you set aside the time.  And, ensure that you actually do the follow up.

Weekly, consistently.

Get Accountability

[tweetthis] This is what makes follow up so successful. Accountability. [/tweetthis]

Set this in place for you. Give yourself deadlines. Connect with a buddy or coach. Join an action-oriented mastermind. Do whatever it takes to be held accountable.

You need to have a driving force. You need something motivating from the outside. When another holds you to do what you say you will, you start to to get things done.

Your Turn

Do you do consistent follow up? What are your rules for doing it consistently? If not, have you gotten any ideas of what you need to do?

Share your story by leaving a comment in the blog, won’t you?

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