Are You Sure You Are Setting the Right Goals?

Can you feel it? We’ve just gone through the New Year’s celebration. There’s something about this time of year that gets people hyped-up about setting goals for the new year. The question I want to ask is: are you sure you’re setting the right goals?

If you suffer from goal-setting-itis, you probably know the feeling well. You know, when you’re all abuzz with excitement about your next big idea.

After the buzz wears off, though …

You’re stuck with having to take action to make your big idea happen. Unfortunately, that’s where a lot of the people I know get stuck.

Has This Ever Happened to You?

You’ve set aside time to work on your goal, only to realize you haven’t the foggiest idea what your  actions should be? Or, your steps feel mushy so you do something that feels better to you?

You wake up feeling uninspired, lacking energy and you don’t start your project because “it can wait another day”?

You’ve finally gotten that big idea. But, you’ve yet to get the details figured out. That gives you the opportunity to feel you can’t move forward. Not yet. And it doesn’t happen.

Are the Goals Too Big?


You’re not getting stuck because your goals are too big. It’s certainly not because you’re lazy, unmotivated or lack ambition.

It’s because you’re focusing on the wrong thing and trying to accomplish them the wrong way!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you’ve heard all about S.M.A.R.T. goals before. So, go ahead, you roll your eyes at me.

I am not talking about those today.  It is a question of setting the right goals.

Whatcha Talking About Willis?

How to become really productive is the subject of my free webinar The Heart of Your Focus.

Why? Because the ways to create and focus on the important stuff in your business can – and will – make a huge difference in your business forever.

No, not boasting. No, not selling some snake-oil cure for the common cold!

In fact, I’ve implemented this process in my business and have had major breakthroughs in my own productivity and execution.

That’s what inspired me to dig deep and write this post.

You know that I can’t give it all away here. But, I am excited to share some tidbits to help.

So, if not just setting goals but actually achieving them is important, keep reading.

Do You Make These Mistakes?

Don’t feel bad. I want you to know that I’ve been guilty of making these mistakes too. As a result, I hardly made any money. That was rough, believe me. I had bills to pay and a son in college with tuition that was killing me!

Even if you make them yourself, you can turn the situation around.

Start by thinking of one goal you have for your business. It could be an income goal, a list-building goal, a client number goal, or something totally different.

Here are some examples:

I want to be making $5000/month by the end of the year.
My list needs to be at 1000 subscribers in six months.
I want to fill my client roster in 3 months.

They sound like OK goals, right?

They say what you want to achieve. Check. When you want to achieve it. Check.

So, why are you stuck when you try to make the goal happen? Why is it that you’re behind at the end of January? And the end of March? And, well here is it, June 30th and nothing has happened yet!

Well, something is missing.

What’s Missing?

Ask yourself:

Do you know the actions to take to make the goal real? Are you setting the right goals, after all?

Here’s what I mean.

How  will you’ll bring in the money each month? What steps will you take?

Who do you have to pitch to? How many times do you have to pitch to them to get a guest post? And, how many subscribers will that post bring in? How else will you build your list to 1000 by March?

Exactly what steps are going to take to fill your client list?

If you know the answer to all the questions, you’re set!

Go off and conquer the world, if you follow through.

If, on the other hand, you don’t know exactly how to get to your goal, uh-oh! You’re going to have a Big problem getting there.

If you’re missing the how,  you’ll end up in a funk when your date passes. Why so? Because you won’t be where you hoped you would be.

Great ideas never get fully implemented, if at all. Year after year you find yourself tackling the same goal. Or, you keep bouncing from idea to idea and nothing ever gets off the ground.

You know this is not the way to run a successful business!

Setting Emotionally Sound Goals

What’s the secret to setting the right goals and achieving them?

You start by setting goals to which you have an emotional connection.

Taking action isn’t complicated. It’s not necessarily easy, either.

Taking action invariably requires doing something new.  And new actions are mostly uncomfortable. When you’re faced with actions including difficult or uncomfortable tasks, the short-term cost of taking action seems much greater than the long-term benes of reaching your goal.

If that happens, you’ll abandon the tasks, and in the long run, the entire strategy you’re trying to follow.

Without a compelling reason to choose differently, most people take comfortable actions over uncomfortable ones. Unfortunately, the important actions you have to take are the uncomfortable ones.

A Word of Caution

Now I know you’re smart. I know you want to be successful and are ready to implement these suggestions. (I love that about you!)

Before you dive in, I want to warn you about one thing that I see happen.

The problem I see is that after following your goals but not seeing immediate results, you stop following through. People peter out because following through isn’t as sexy as stating the goal, i.e., “get 1000 subscribers” or “fill my client roster” and putting a date on it.

So remember: setting the right goals for you and taking action is how you will reach your big goal.

It’s your job to keep your eye on your big goal. Yes, follow through but, remind yourself what you’re doing and why. That way, you can stick to your plan when you’re feeling unmotivated.

…And that’s exactly what I want for you, to reach that juicy big goal you’ve set for yourself!

Warmest hugs to you,

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