Can You Cope with Lots of Ideas?

Can you cope with lots of ideas? If you’re anything like me, it seems your brain never stops generating them. Have you ever had this conversation with your BFF?

You                          Your Friend

Okay, I have this crazy idea…

                                                                                      Well, what is it? Speak up….

Explain in detail. Then ask:

Is this a good idea?
Or, is it the stupidest thing you’ve heard?
Am I totally mad to think I can do it?

Let me speak about this habit for a minute we’re all prone to. Okay? It’s not the idea. The idea is fine, it’s not a problem at all. If you want to know, you’re the problem.

What is at stake is not about the idea. The real issue is about you acting on the idea. And, the even profounder issue is all about fear.

Here’s what you can do to cope with lots of ideas. And then, you can actually do something with them.

Change how you share ideas

Say you’re having the conversation with a friend. You’ve added the stupidest bit to the conversation.

You’re using smoke and mirrors to share the idea. Your friend, rather than being asked to help, has to deal with the question you’ve presented. A question which is 1) dramatic, 2) self-defacing, 3) has nothing to do with your idea. It has everything to do with your self-confidence and your fears.

Your friend has a dilemma. She has absorbed your energy. It’s an ugly color. She hasn’t really taken in your idea because the patina of fear and doubt that clouds your words. All she sees is you floundering. And she can’t really take seriously what you’re proposing as your brilliant idea.

Analysis Paralysis

Back when in the day when I worked with programmers and the like, I was managing a project to build a system to check in new clients.

The UI designers didn’t like the way parts of the application were working. Rather than opening the design tool and making changes, they did the next best thing. They waited.

Later, one of them called me. She explained about the unpleasant quirks and about her idea for change. She shared a lengthy list of reasons why her idea was too bad, how it wouldn’t be received well by the powers-that-be. And she asked me: Is this the stupidest idea I’d ever heard? Should she just give up on it?

After a pause, I told her, “Tell you what, you design the changes. Then, you’ll present it to the appropriate people and see whether they’ll approve it.”

Let’s face it.  There’s no way to know if an idea is going to be “good.”  There’re at some good reasons it won’t work.

But, asking others about the idea is a sign of “Analysis Paralysis.”  You won’t know if it’s good until you start doing something to make it real.

Who are you sharing with?

I’m guessing some people in your life with a common trait:

They’re the worst people to share a new idea with. They’ll tell you it’s a terrible idea… that’s their knee-jerk reaction no matter what the idea is. They believe that you are insane.

Why are you sharing your ideas with them? How can you cope with lots of ideas?

Well, they provide you with an amazing service.  (Admit it, you secretly love them!)

Why? Because they’re giving you permission to take no action at all!  After all, if Max says that your idea for a doggie catering service stinks, hey, that’s good news!  

If you do nothing, you don’t have to face your fears!  You get to dive into a bag of Doritos and binge-watch Game of Thrones!

Do yourself a favor. Be mindful of who gets to hear about your ideas. You’ll be able to do something, do it anyway.

What’s the one thing

Ask yourself this question: “What is the very next step I need to take?” It will end all contemplation. It will make you super productive. You’ll kick ass!

That’s how you can you cope with lots of ideas. Act!

Here’s a secret:

Getting the idea is step one. 

The rest is to trick your ego to shut up, so you do it. The ego prefers it if you just go on getting the big ideas.  The ego adores your big ideas. It can then reach into its arsenal of fears and dramas to match any big idea you can come up with.

The ego can’t interfere much when you sit down and work for 30 minutes. It isn’t nearly dramatic enough for the ego.

Ask, what’s the next step you need to take?

Just do it!

Successful people make decisions quickly.

It makes perfect sense.  Many of us let our emotions and drama become the perfect excuse for procrastination and fear.

How do you have faith in yourself and your idea?

Decide to do it. Tell someone else you’re going to do it.  Move forward. Wake up tomorrow and decide to do it again.

Anytime your faith falters, decide again. Repeat until successful.


Warmest hugs to you,

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