What You Can Do to Help You Reach Your Goals

Are you surprised every year by how quickly December rolls around? We just went through a year end. My guess is that you’re not thinking about the end of 2017. Am I right? But I want to ask you if you know what you can do to help you reach your goals so December 2017 is a good one?

Every single year, it’s easy to forget the past. It is easier to face a January full of possibility. Full of hope and dreams for the new year.

What if I told you to forget them? Forget your dreams and hopes. Forget the bulk of your dreams, and goals, and projects, and hopes.

I see it over and over again. It’s like taking too much to eat. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. So is your desire. It is bigger than your capacity to get done. And that becomes a huge frustration in business, in life.

I don’t mean that you’re lazy, or unproductive, or unfocused. The problem is that you over-estimate your capacity. You can’t get it all done. You can get some of it done. Not all.

And, not the right things get done anyway, usually.

You know what this means?

You must choose what you work on. Your choices are powerful and critical.

My spirituality constantly reminds me that when I come to the end of my life, it will seem as if I’ve only spent a few hours, days on the planet.

Trying to do too much is the sure way to create overwhelm. Getting lost in working too hard is a way to miss the joys in life. To believe that there’s not enough time to care for self, to spend time with loved ones.

The undiscovered truth is that you move more quickly towards success by focusing on the most important stuff, not on the five things in your pressing to-do. Not by doing things in a scattered-brain way.

Is there something you can do to help you reach your goals?

Focus on One Thing

You can’t stay focused on just one thing. Humans can’t stay that focused, at least, not for long.

But, you can pick the most important, most critical, most fundamental goals that supports your vision.

These are what you want to see come to pass by December 2017. Then, make them the priority.

When that goal is done, you can go on to the next goal/project. I bet, no I know, you’ll get more done than you ever might have thought possible.

I’ve Done the Same Thing

I’ve been known to fill an entire page of things that I want to do.

Yet, I never took the time to look back and see what I had really accomplished/not. Never had the gumption to face the fact that I was doing a lot but not accomplishing much. Until this past year!

And, then, boy, was I surprised. It wasn’t a pleasant one either. But it did open my eyes to see how much time and traction I’d lost by being “busy” with trivial activity.

After that, I figured out what it is that I really needed to do for my business and life.

I prioritized my goals. And, created projects based on those intentions. I put some things on the back burner in favor of others. I created a plan for the next 3 months, using a system I’ve baptized as the 3 Month Ano.

So, I am focusing on a few high-priority things through March, the end of the first 3 Month Ano. Then, the cycle repeats one more time. No year end (other than for taxes), no long-term planning, just a simple cycle of renewal and review.

There are things sitting there, waiting. I have given me permission to just let them sit on the shelf for now. I’ll check them in April, to see if they are important enough, if I have the capacity to handle them then.

Trust Your Heart

Everyone faces the dilemma of what to get done. And how to get it done?

Ask yourself what you can do to help you reach your goals?

Yes, you can hire someone to help you. That is a legit way to get more done.

In your business, you can hire a VA to help get done the routine things. I have and she helps me with tasks that are not what I need to be dwelling on myself.

You can hire someone to clean your house (if your hubby doesn’t fire them, like mine does!). If you have the money, you can do that, too.

Your capacity to get more done will increase accordingly. Just be careful that you’re not buying a heartache in the process.

So, trust your heart.

Life is amazing. You’ll be astonished at what you can get done if you allow yourself to be focused and productive on the right things.

Ready for Next Year-End?

You will be, if you allow yourself to focus on the important things.

If you need help, check out my new FREE webinar on planning. If you think you can use some help in making 2017 a truly productive year, why don’t you join me?

Warmest hugs,

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