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How to Sell You on a Great Customer Experience

How to Sell You on a Great Customer Experience

The customer experience didn’t always have that name. People have always recognized the value of it, though. Below are some numbers on how to sell you on a great customer experience. Did you know that one benefit of a great client experience is word-of-mouth advertising? Small businesses are beginning to take the customer experience seriously.… Continue Reading

Respect How Your Prospects Want to Buy

Success in business depends directly on your ability to make yourself likeable. And, trustworthy. And, respect how your prospects want to buy. Above all, you have to create a positive experience for your clients. The following are some easy tips I know to help you create a more positive client experience: Love what you’re selling… Continue Reading

How Do You Grab Their Attention

Like so many others, I have found myself in S.O.S.D.D. (that is, Same Old Stuff, Different Day). The reason is my one-track way of thinking; that there is only one way to do things. If you think like that, how do you grab their attention and keep it? In reality, there are many opportunities to… Continue Reading

Trying to Buy Love?

I am a recovering approval junkie.  I used to believe that I had to have control over everything that happened in my life. I spent vast amounts of money trying to make my life perfect. I spent tons of money of trying to buy love. In my first serious relationship, I used all of my… Continue Reading

Do You Really Need a Sales Funnel?

Well, do you really need a sales funnel? A lot of experts out there say you should have one. After much thought and research, I’d say that you really don’t need one. The way that a traditional sales funnel works is by (almost) forcing your prospects into a predetermined way interacting with you. Typically, the… Continue Reading

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