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How Can You Improve Your Systems Efficiency?

How Can You Improve Your Systems Efficiency?

Once you’ve taken inventory, you have a clear picture of the types of you do to run the business.  Then, after prioritizing and writing out the steps to one process, you have a complete list of what to do every time the process is done. Next is how can you improve your system’s efficiency. Doing this… Continue Reading

Are You the Master of Your Time?

Are You the Master of Your Time?

You’re a hard-working business owner. You’re rolling along at top speed. Yes, you have some clients (yipee!). You’re way too busy in fact… But, are you the master of your time? Suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks: it’s just ain’t enough. Financial goals…. pshaw! You aren’t even close to getting there. You… Continue Reading

Ready For the Tough Decisions? You Are Always Making Choices.

Ever wish you could hit the “Pause” button once in a while? You can have done everything by the book and despite it all, you still feel like you’re drowning? When running a business, you’re always facing choices. Period. The ability to make tough calls quickly, efficiently, and effectively is one of the things that… Continue Reading

Are You Frustration Fodder?

What is frustration fodder? It is any kind of thinking that leads you think unrealistically or set unrealistic goals. It has similar effects to the “bright shiny object syndrome.” But, are you frustration fodder? When you start a business it is important to recognize that it takes time for your business to start showing results.… Continue Reading

Balance, Anyone?

Achieving balance is extremely elusive, like finding the Holy Grail. We work at it and work at it but the scale of balance always keeps tipping one way or another. A good first step is to make things simpler. But what does that mean? I believe that we make things hard for ourselves. We complicate… Continue Reading

Where Do I Start Creating Systems?

Time is money. And how you spend your time says volumes about how you manage your business. Are you running it efficiently? Or, are you letting your money go down the drain because you don’t know how to be organized? What does it mean to run an efficient business? It is all about improving and… Continue Reading

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