Do You Contact Your Readers Regularly?

Do You Contact Your Readers Regularly?

Gosh, where has the time gone. It was at the latter part of 2009 that I sent my very first newsletter. I’ve been faithfully doing it since then. How about you? Do you contact your readers regularly?

Picture of a hand delivering mail out of a computer screen.

Back then, I was still working for someone else. I don’t even remember what the newsletter was called then. 

In just these few short years, my list has gone up and down as I purge people who don’t open the newsletter. I figure, why carry them along if they’re not interested and too lazy to unsubscribe. Right?

In the process of blogging and publishing a newsletter, I’ve learned a lot. Now, I teach my own blend of strategies to my clients in my Business Success Blueprint Strategy Secrets Journey™ Program.

I just wanted to share with you some of the most important lessons I’ve learned…

Newsletters aren’t a thing of the past

In spite of stuff you may have read to the contrary!

A while ago, I read an article by a marketing guru author that went something like this:

Newsletters lost their mojo several years ago. They have low open rates and even lower response rates. 

Aha! Some of what they say is true. But my loyal subscribers don’t think that.

I try to keep abreast of marketing trends for myself. And in my experience, the newsletter is not dead.

[tweetthis]If your newsletter gives value to your audience, your ideal client/prospect will open it and read it. [/tweetthis]

Yep, it takes focus and time to make this happen.  But, while newsletters are alive and well… they also can’t be robotic and bland. They’ll get lost with all the other trash mail coming into your inbox.

Consistency develops trust

Be-consistentI feel like a parrot saying that, I’ve said so many times.

Keeping up the consistency, building relationships one issue at a time, everyone would give up on me.  I just had to show up, regardless of the numbers.  Not just once, rather over and over again. 

You have to contact your readers regularly. That is a basic tenet of building business.

[tweetthis]Does consistency build trust? Heck yeah! And people buy from people they trust. [/tweetthis]

Not monthly, not when you feel like it

[tweetthis]When you first start, it may feel scary to be on a weekly schedule. It seems like a lot. [/tweetthis]

It isn’t, not really. It takes discipline and some idea what to write about.

But, it’s much easier on you and on your audience.


When people come to expect you to send something on Wednesdays, they know it will be there. They may not open it right then. But, chances are they will when they have a bit more time.

On the other hand, sending a newsletter monthly will get confusing. You see, so much time has passed that they don’t remember you or your newsletter. They’ve had a lot of time devoted to not thinking about you.

When you deliver often and regularly, you can make it more granular and personal for people. You won’t have to thump them with all of your news for the month.

Get real, get personalQuote that says I was born to be real, not perfect.

Have you ever compared newsletters side-by-side? If you ever do, you’ll be able to tell which ones are effective. The ones that are connect, gets real and adds value.

Being vulnerable is a big question for anyone these days. It was for me.

I bet you grew up with slick corporate models of business, like I did. 

Your clients and prospects need models. They don’t need a façade. They certainly don’t need you to pretend to be something you’re not. Phoniness is out!

It’s okay to be real. It’s ok to get personal.  Share what you do and who you truly are.

[tweetthis]Insist on being real. Don’t be afraid to have soul.  After all, your readers do! [/tweetthis]

Unsubscribes do not mean you suck

Okay, listen closely here.

Do not…do NOT… DO NOT (I repeat DO NOT, got it?) set up your system so that you get an email you every time someone unsubscribes. 

Don’t check your unsubscribes on a regular basis, either. What will happen if you do is that your confidence will wilt and die. No confidence in yourself doesn’t serve you.

Yes, analytics are important. Knowing what your open rates are is important.

If, suddenly, there are hundreds of unsubscribes, that’s important to know.  You have to figure out why it is happening and do something about it.

The best way to keep track is to create a dashboard of your key numbers. And better yet, delegate that chore to your assistant. Let her gather the data… then you can review it weekly or monthly.

Point being that you cannot get discouraged by unsubscribes. You have to keep at it. You have to contact your readers regularly, whether you have 50, 000 of them or 500.

What do you say?

Have anything to add?  Have any questions for me about starting a newsletter?  Let me know in the comments!

I can help you set up your newsletter. See what I am offering here. Then give me a call.

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