Are You Really the Boss?

As a business owner, do you ever feel like:

You're stumbling around in the dark? 
Desperately trying to find your way through a horrendous to-do list? 
You know you need help but have no idea where to start?

Well, the Be the Boss DIY program is the beam that will light up your path.

If you’ve ever:

  • Stressed that you won’t make enough to pay bills
  • Felt lost on how to have time to spend with your clients
  • Needed someone to help you lighten your task list
  • Lacked motivation because you felt you needed a something and there was no one there to help

If you are like me, you were nodding your head as you read that.

I struggled to find the right thing to do for my business. I wanted “it” to match my needs and wants.

In the process, I’ve studied e-books, purchased templates, traveled to conferences, listened to podcasts and have read through tons of articles. Only I found I didn’t have the answer that fit my business perfectly. To be honest, I felt like a fish swimming in a stream of molasses.

I would try something, then something else. Ad nauseam. None of the tactics seemed to work for me.

The reality is there is not a one size fits all answer.

Each of our small business are operated by individuals who have different wants and needs.

I found that by understanding what I wanted from my business and my finances was the impetus I needed. What I wanted was to spend less time working in the business, less time being the bottleneck were the things that led to more profits, doing more of the work that I’m excited about. Becoming a boss rather than being the doer added a heck of a lot more flexibility in my life.

Are You Burning Yourself Out Unnecessarily?

Are you still trying to fill all the roles in your business?

Do you juggle being the accountant, collections officer, customer service representative, copywriter, social media coordinator, Internet researcher, graphic designer, product launch manager, et al.

You know it can’t last, don’t you?

One of the top reasons many entrepreneurial businesses fail is not because they don’t have a viable product or service. No.

They fail because the owner has stretched herself beyond her limits. Because he doesn’t know when to get help. So she compromises not only the bottom line, but her health in the process.

Nobody wants to end up there. Do you?

But just about everyone does.

The truth is, if you’re not delegating, you're hurting your chances for success.

Trying to keep control of it all will lead to loss of control one way or the other.

But, I can afford help right now!

That’s what you might be saying to yourself right now.

Realize you are in a catch-22 situation. In order to move forward, you have to make an investment in getting a helping hand (or two!). Otherwise, business is going to very quickly slip through your fingers.

The DIY Be the Boss Program

The Be the Boss DIY program was born out of my experience in finding the way out of being the do-everything-every-day.

This do-it-yourself program helps you navigate through the pitfalls of being the boss.  You won’t make the same mistakes I made. It will show you how, step by step without convoluted processes and in simple language. And, it is the doorway to create something that is uniquely, intentionally and inventively yours.

And, you get:

  • A 61 page E-book
  • Done-for-you Worksheets
  • Hiring Workflow Chart
  • Sample Hiring Questions
  • E-mail Templates

Price: $197.00

Are you ready to Be the Boss?

Have any questions?

Have any questions about anything, head over to the Make Contact page and ask. I promise I will respond to you as quickly as I possibly can.

Warmest hugs,

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