Do You Have a Real Vision for Your Life?

Your Business?

You want to live an amazing life, right?
It's your deep desire to build a brilliant, successful business, no?
You believe that what you dream of is possible. And that’s exciting!

How do you begin?

Well, you’re off to a great start by purchasing this program.

I’ve pulled together a number of exercises to get you into flow. They'll help collect your innermost drivers and dreams in one place.

By working through the material in this DIY program:

  • You’ll create a visualization as unique as you are…. for your best life and for your brilliant business.
  • Using creativity and your interest you’ll discover the vision for your ideal business.
  • You’ll identify the components that make up that vision.
  • Then you’ll apply that insight to your business.

This is “hands-on” work. It won’t help you to just skim through the contents and then file it away.

Compass with needle pointing to the word Future.Oh no!

I want you to commit to take action, work through the exercises, spend time with each one. That will make your vision a reality – for your dazzling life and business.

Once you have your vision, you'll know you are the master of your business' destiny.

You will know without a shadow of a doubt that you can get the clients. Write the book, lead your team. You'll do it all without any hesitation.

How will that feel?

To do it, though, you need someone who sees  you, just as the Na’vi saw each other. Someone to help you let go of fear, change your story, start changing your behavior.

That is what I’ve done in this program.

The Lead with Vision DYI program is designed to help you stop feeling stuck in habits that dis-able you.

The lessons taught allow you to become your own North Star, so you can navigate your challenges with strength and self-reliance. 

What is covered…

  • Visualizing what your values are
  • Identifying what you vision is
  • Defining what you want to attract
  • Aligning your business’ with that of your life
  • Get clear so you can focus on what is important and take action
  • Seeing your life as a blockbuster movie

Contents of Lead with Vision DIY Program

There are two versions of the program.


This option contains:                                            

  • 137 page eBook
  • Audios of important exercises
  • Worksheets
  • Visual maps
  • 30-day E-mail Accountability

Price: $197.00


This option contains:

  • 137 page eBook
  • Audios of important exercises
  • Worksheets
  • Visual maps
  • 30-day E-mail Accountability
  • 1 45-min strategy call

Price: $295.00

Have any Questions?

Have any questions about anything, head over to the Make Contact page and ask. I promise I will respond to you as quickly as I possibly can.

Warmest hugs,

Lilia's handwritten first name.

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