Do You Really Need a Niche?

For some reason, it’s become fashionable to poo-pooh niching nowadays. It’s inevitable, like death and taxes, I suppose. Have you ever asked yourself: do I really need a niche?

Is it time to kill this sacred cow? 

What is niching anyway?

The core challenge is that the definition of niching used by most tends to circle around “who” you’re trying to reach. That is, it talks about target markets, ideal clients, perfect customers, chosen audience etc. It excludes what   your specialty is and how you do what you do.

I remember arguing with a colleague about her view on niching. She kept pointing out that niching wasn’t spiritually evolved endeavor.

She insisted that “not having a niche” was all about wanting everyone to be happy, wanting everyone to be free of suffering and all its causes. Bunk!!! The conversation went downhill from there. She kept insisting that my definition of niching (she’s never bothered to ask, by the way) was incomplete. I needed to be fixed.

So, I just stopped talking to her.

What is a niche?

FYI, my definition of “niche” is the role you play in your community. Not a new or original concept, BTW.

It’s impossible not to have one. You’ll always be known for some role or another.

The only question is this: is this a role you enjoy playing and want to be known for?

It really all comes down to that.

Does your niche need to be consciously chosen and designed through a workshop or? No.

Do you need to hire a coach to help you figure yours out? No.

Does the definition have to be perfect? No.

Do you really need a niche? Yes. But, you can have a winning niche without ever having thought about it. You may have never heard the word at all.

This is the question:

“Am I financially supported in doing the work I want to do? In the way I want to do it with the people for whom I want to do it?”

Can you answer yes to that? Then stop thinking about your it. Just enjoy your good fortune at having an organic niche. Count your lucky stars.

But what if you can’t give a heartfelt “yes” to that question? Then ask  this:

“Do you know what work you want to do, how you want to do it and for whom?”

If you can’t give a “yes” to this second question, then it’s time to think about it.

You might not need any professional help at all. Sometimes you just need to take a weekend to really think about it and the answer will appear.

But . . . if you have been spinning your wheels in thinking about it . . . if you have pondered and wondered about it . . . If you have signed up for marketing programs only to realize that most of what they are teaching doesn’t apply to you. . . then you might want to get more help.

If you don’t get help because you think being without a niche is more spiritually evolved, you may find yourself choosing between making money or doing what you love. And resenting either path.

The basics

So, do you really need a niche?

The basics are what, how and who. Why is the icing on the cake.

Close your eyes. Imagine you have a throbbing migraine at a party. You’re desperately looking for someone to help with your migraines. You come across two holistic practitioners that specialize in helping people with migraines.

You meet them both and one tells you, “I’m a cranio-sacral practitioner and I specialize in helping people suffering from chronic migraines.” The other one tells you, “I really value health, well-being and self-empowerment and an edgy, bad ass, freedom based lifestyle.”

Whose business card will you ask for?

Let me put it another way: can you show me a specific, individual businesses that doesn’t have a clear what, how and/or who to do it with?

Let me be blunt: I bet you can’t show me a successful business that doesn’t have a niche.

Why? It doesn’t exist. There’s no such thing.

Your business has a niche already. It may not be the one you want, but, it’ got one.

Any successful business also has a clear why underneath. The why is the spiritual energy under its wings. The what, how and who are what give it form.

So, the whole enchilada comes back to this question: “Are you being financially sustained in doing the work you want to do, in the way you want to do it with the people for whom you want to do it with?”

Your turn

How’s it going for you? Do you have a niche? What does it look like? Share with me I really want to know.

Warmest hugs,

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