Do You Feel the Fear and Still Do It?

Do You Feel the Fear and Still Do It?

Fear is a natural thing. Does it stop you in your tracks? Or, do you feel the fear and still do it?

Ok, so let’s pretend that you’ve just attended an inspirational event. You were surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people. You set some challenging and exciting goals. How could you fail after such spectacular inspiration?

But, you return home. You’re on your own again. And your goal becomes much more challenging. The inspirational voices are replaced with your internal voice. You know, the one that goes: ‘Yea…But…’


And your goal grows, Grows, GROWS. Suddenly it’s bigger and scarier than ever. You’re facing a mountain instead of a rolling hill. It seems so much steeper and loaded with danger.

After all you’re:

  • Opening yourself to criticism
  • Putting yourself out there big time
  • Going out of your comfort zone
  • Taking risks

Fear is Powerful

Don’t kid yourself. Fear is so powerful that it causes you to stop dead in your tracks. It causes you to question your decisions.

There is a definite cycle to fear. It goes something like this:

Possibility of Succeeding >> Fear >> Procrastination >> Suffocation >> Reset myself >> Possibility of Succeeding

big-hairy-goalYou feel the fear when faced with a scary goal. Then, you wallow in procrastination. You suffocate in self-doubt. you make all kinds of excuses not to get started. You loop around in the circle of fear. Worry and anxiety become unbearable.

Each time you go around, your power dissolves away.

And, this is where most people stop…

Road closed!

You take the easier route, a half-way thing perhaps. Or, you put your goal (and dreams) back on the shelf.

You choose to back down and avoid any discomfort.

You Can Break Out

Here are some things you already know about fear…

lizard-brain-imageFear is Biological 

It’s linked to your fight and flight mechanisms. You know, controlled by your Lizard Brain.

The lizard sounds an alarm when you step out of your comfort zone.  And when you feel uncomfortable or perceive danger. Your brain cannot tell whether the threat is real or imagined. It doesn’t matter, your body goes to red alert. It’s your legacy.

Fear Exists

Get real. Recognize that fear is a natural part moving forward.

Most of the good stuff in life involves taking some risk. Risk presents you an opportunity to learn and grow.

Fear doesn’t mean curl up in the fetal position and give up! Bring your unconscious blocks into your consciousness. Recognize what you’re feeling and develop strategies to deal with it.

Fear Creates Objections

It will find a zillion reasons why you shouldn’t do it, what you’ll be giving up.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get new clients!”

“It means that I’ll not have a company car anymore!” 

“I might lose all my savings.” 

Write all the objections down. Review them. Consciously being aware of them allows you to deal with them. Whatever these concerns are, they usually trigger your procrastination.

You can overcome them. I’m with you!

Fear Creates Future Memories 

Humans have this amazing ability to create future memories, like going back to the future. They’re a combo of pictures, sounds or feelings. You imagine what the future looks like.

what-i-want-to-be-when-i-grAt their worst, you create fantasies of becoming a bag lady or having to go back to work for someone else.

As a kid, you used your imagination to be a super hero or succeeding at what you wanted to be. Remember how you’d act out scenarios? You believed you were whatever you dreamed about.


It’s interesting how the adult you, uses this ability to project so much negativity!

Change the movie in your head. Like Mike Dooley of TUT says: “Thoughts become things.” Replace the memories of your future with positive images of your vision, your dreams.

Hitting a Wall

When you hit a wall, it’s easy to become disoriented. To lose focus. To become lost.

You step out of alignment with your goal. It is scary doing something big.

Reclaim your power to make things happen. Get back up. Reorient to your WHY.

Ask yourself: “What have I learned here?”

Then, step back in, fully. Keep going. Tweak things that don’t work as you move forward.

The gist of it all is that you have to feel the fear and still do it, whatever “it” is.

Or, you can feel the fear and shrivel away.

The choice is yours. Always!

Warmest hugs!


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