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When I first begin talking with people who are thinking about working with me, I get many questions on how the business-building process works. They also ask about where and when they should begin.

In this frequently asked questions, I answer some of the “inquiring mind” questions you may be having, right about now.

What Do You Really Do?

You ask: What Do You Really Do?

Well, you are called to create magic for the world through your business. My vision is to help you create that magic by teaching you how to make your business run.

That’s what I really do. 🙂 

That way, you can grow it while doing what you love. It is as simple as that.

I use my six-step system to teach you how to Get Business Traction, time and again. With me. And without me.

Listen, my method is not for everyone. Some people consider me the cat’s meow yet others don’t care to work with me.

Why? Because our styles don’t mesh. Because they think I am too woo-woo or because I understand techno-babble (is that’s like Harry Potter understanding Parseltongue?).

Who knows where you might fall in that spectrum?

Maybe you like my energy.
Perhaps you resonate with the message you’ve seen on this site.
Perhaps you recognize yourself in the descriptions of the people I do my best work with.
Or, perhaps you’re curious to find out if I can really help you fix what’s currently not working in your business.

But, you will never know until you explore further, isn’t that right?

How Am I Different?

My How Am I Different?

These are the types of things I do:

  • I teach you how to do stuff for yourself.
  • And, I coach you.
  • I’ll be your own implementation expert.
  • I am your partner and guide during the length of our work together.

Hopefully, we will become friends in the process.

You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company. You work “On” your business, creating a grand and passionate vision for your company.

My job is to guide you through your strategic journey, lending you a hand in implementing the strategy, if you wish me to.

I work exclusively with heart-centered owners, like you. My passion is helping you create a living vision, a sustainable strategy and a solid foundation for your business.

That’s what I do.

What makes me different is that I don’t tell you that the Law of Attraction is all you need, like many other spiritual gurus do. That is just a lot of bunk. Nothing will come to you without you taking action.

To make your business the gem it needs to be, you must work hard to implement your vision. Then, you have to let go of the outcome. That’s when LOA will operate.

Sitting back and waiting prevents you from serving more people and making a greater impact.

My guidance is delivered with tons of heart and encouragement, working through all the obstacles that may pop up.

Lilia, Who Are Your Clients, Exactly?

Who are your clients? That’s your question, right?

Well, I work with heart-centered business owners, like coaches, healers, shamans, et al, exclusively.

Do you fit any one of those categories?

They may be gearing up to start-up. Perhaps, they are an established business needing to transform how they currently operate.

I specialize in bridging the gap … the gap between someone using her gifts and running a business. Transforming the resonance with their audience.

All my clients are fiercely passionate about what they do. They have a conviction that the work they love makes a difference. Their purpose inspires. And, all have the gumption to be a successful business owner.

I guide start-ups through the treacherous waters of starting a business. From a strategic vision to high-level planning. And, we do all the things that will give them a smooth start.

If they have been in business for a while, we usually work on two things:

  1. Figure out why their business will not scale and fix that.
  2. Or, rediscover the heart of their business and we pour a solid foundation for the business.

How I Work with Clients?

How I work with clients is by being a good, trusted business partner, your Chief Support Officer (CSO).

Need more to know how I work with clients?

I share my opinion and tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Through it all, I have your back, staying by your side through every step.

If you resist, I call you out.  If you want to play safe, I coach you through your fear, your struggles, and your obstacles. I champion you, your dream, and celebrate each win with you.

My time with Spirit is precious to me, like it is for you. My goal is to strive for excellence in what I do, not taking myself too seriously.

Your business is your business, your baby. It is my privilege to be your partner, a steward in allowing the baby to grow from toddler to an an adult being.

Walking in the woods, listening to the hawks nesting there (Hawk is one of my animal guides) inspires me. My spiritual practice helps me come to you with a fresh mind. I like to celebrate your life, your achievements, and honor your challenges as well.

Who Is Not a Good Fit for You?

These people are not good fits:

  • People who don’t want to get clear on their vision or the heart of their business.
  • Naysayers, excuse-makers, those who are habitual victims.
  • Someone married to her woes, hesitant to take action
  • Procrastinators
  • Someone who doesn’t feel comfortable growing

My best clients are approachable, clear, persistent, open, honest, motivated, decisive, passionate.

In other words, they are ready, willing, and want to learn. They have a sense of humor! Levity cures many ills!

I am a decision maker by nature.  I work hard on my clients’ business. And I expect you to work hard as well.

You are the CEO. I am your steward. My role is to support you making your vision real.

What Is the Get Business Traction System?

Build an Ecosystem for Your Business

Having a business that works for you is the goal of all business owners. Your business is a mixture of your vision, passion and knowledge. It is also a balance between people and systems. I’ve developed an approach to building your business that produces intentionally inventive strategies and systems that ties all the parts together. In that way, your business can grow without consuming your life.

My system is a way to build your business so that it delivers sustainable profits, personal freedom, a superior quality of life all while making an impact on others that transforms their lives.

Picture of the steps of the Business Success Blueprint.


Each step is designed to meet the specific needs of each aspect of your business.

What Is the Investment I Need to Make?

What’s is the investment?

When I was considering opening my own business, I thought:

If I can distill the what I’ve learned, and offer the most valuable and essential aspects of the work for a reasonable cost, I could bring this to heart-centered entrepreneurs and start-ups.  

That is exactly what I have done. I’ve developed flexible programs that can be offered in modules. This way, there is help that fits for almost every budget.

You begin, see results early, and continue your business-building work. 

You are instantly in motion toward your goals. In a matter of weeks, you begin seeing results, getting clarity on where you’re going.

And, you can always work through portions of the Get Business Traction system as do-it-yourself programs.

There will be a large investment of your time. You have to be willing to spend the time and effort, otherwise, it is worthless to start, don’t you think?

If you’d like to learn more about the programs, including cost, click on the big yellow button below to schedule your very own strategy session with me.

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Specifically, How Do Clients Pay for Your Services?

How do clients pay for my services?

Princess Mia accepted chickens from her loyal subjects in Princess Diaries 2.  Unfortunately, I do not.


I structured my programs as follows:

Seriously, clients who sign up and pay in full, receive a discounted bundle price. They have a choice to select individual modules when offered.

Of course, I offer payment plans as well, for those clients that need to space out their investment.

Payments are made by most major credit cards via Stripe.


What if I Need Results in a Rush?

Getting Results:

Business strategy, identity, positioning and messaging are the architectural foundation for the business you build. Like building a house, it does take time if it done correctly.

It is not something you take shortcuts with, or rush. If you want the business to be sustainable, you need to design it well.

There is no magic wand I can waive and make it all better in the blink of an eye!

We can work on the most pressing needs first. You will see those results relatively quickly. But for your business to scale and sustain itself, it will take time.

Proud to be Giving Back

As the founder and CEO of The Holistic Biz, I am passionate about your dreams becoming reality.

I am also passionate about giving back in a huge way, to share the bounty of Spirit as an act of gratitude.

So. I share the bounty you share with me….

To honor your generosity in allowing me to work with you, a portion of every dollar earned goes to the following organizations:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Finding cures. Saving children.

Duke Children’s Hospital & Health – Because nothing matters more

Smile Train – Power of a Smile

Hospice of Rockingham County – Dedication to Quality of Life

Are you ready to begin your journey?

Maybe it’s time for us to have a first date.

If you are ready to take the next step, I invite you to click on the button below to schedule your very own strategy session with me. I’ve opened appointment times on my calendar especially for YOU.

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Not sure yet?

I realize that the help I offer is not for everyone. But you won’t know unless you reach out and find out whether we’re simpatico.

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