How Do You Get Visibility?

How Do You Get Visibility?

Yep! You want visibility for your business, BIG TIME! You want to be the expert, the go-to person in your field. The big question is: how do you get visibility?


I heard a good metaphor for visibility a few years ago. The author used Teflon vs. Velcro as metaphors for the different types of visibility.

By Teflon visibility, the marketing guru meant the kind where you appear to be a hot thing one moment and gone the next. Just like when you cook an egg on your super-duper non-stick skillet. As soon as it is done, it is hot. You slip it easily off the pan and then it is gone.

The opposite, of course, is Velcro visibility. You become the “it” thing and you stick fast to the attention of your audience. Simple, right?

Me, I want the kind of sticky visibility. You know, the kind that will keep me on the forefront of my prospect’s mind. Which kind do you want to have? 

There’s a problem, though. It is that, unless you have a solid foundation, your visibility tactics just slide away like your fried eggs.

Here are some tips I’ve learned about sticky visibility:

Get Yourself Some Credibility

Credibility is what your entire visibility strategy must be based on.

But credibility isn’t something you can measure with a scale or a measuring tape. It’s something intangible. It is something others perceive in you. A quality where people assign you a rating based on the interplay of a number of elements.

You know the Kardashians, right? They are superstars who are famous for being famous. When the focus moves away from them onto something more substantial, their fame disappears. Pouf! Their bubble bursts. They’re Teflon visible.

If you’re in business, you need more than just fame. You need integrity, competence, sound judgment, relational sensitivity, and likeability. Lots of words, I know.

But, these are the things that make credibility authentic. And, it is real only when others can observe the qualities, rather than on what you wanted, or intended to show.

To show that you have creds, you need some third party to say that you are the expert you say you are. You can have that verification by collecting case studies, testimonials, and other outside sources who attest to your talents, skills, and abilities. Honestly, truthfully, verifiably.

Remember, credibility is the power to inspire belief.

Communication is a Two-Way Street

Marketing is all about being visible. Also, all about communicating.

For the most part, you probably communicate by you telling others things. You’re not alone in doing that. Mostly, you don’t listen.

Real communication is a different thing altogether.

fallen-chandelier-19172-201Have you been to a party. You meet someone and they tell you the same story three times in the same evening? Don’t you wish you could slink away unnoticed to speak to someone else instead?

There’s a scene in the movie What a Girl Wants that is hilarious. It fits what I am talking about here to a “T”.

The heroine goes to a debutante ball for twins. The twin’s father is known in London society for his boring tale of the history of his beloved chandelier. Everyone he approaches cringes as he comes near. They’ve all heard the story umpteenth times. But it doesn’t matter to the guy. If you come within an earshot, he will tell you again.

Point of the story is that all good communicators know enough to listen. First. Foremost. And, early in the process.

You need to get a feel for how things are going, so you can make corrections as you move along.

How will you know how effective you are if you aren’t paying attention to people’s responses to what you say?

Is “Provide Value” Your Mantra?

Before I launch into that, how do you define value? Have you thought about what it means to you, from your unique place in the world?

How do your ideal prospects/clients define it as? Value is a subjective thing. What provides value to you may not do so for someone else.

[tweetthis]For me, value is a thing that creates a positive effect on someone else. [/tweetthis]

The following are examples of “value” created:how_to_calculate_the_lifeti

  1. Your weight loss program helped someone lose weight
  2. The e-book on living debt free helped someone to get out of and stay out of debt
  3. You took money from a client for doing what you do and provided them with what you promised
  4. Someone read your blog post, implements the idea themselves and sees positive results

Instead of opening Facebook and asking: “Hmm, how will I earn money from these people?” You shift your approach to “How can I add value to these peeps today?”

Think of things you can do:

Solve a problem for someone and share that.
Help someone achieve more of what they want.
Create something to share that provides your peeps huge value.

When all you do is “me, Me, ME”, you’re not providing value. Ask instead: what do your followers want? How can you be part of getting them that?

When you’re focused on other people, everything you do shows that you are worth paying attention to.

Yep, Trust Sells

trust-depositphotos_2973585We buy from people we know, like, and trust.

Trust is built over time. You must follow through with what you say you’ll do.

Credibility grows the same way, slowly. Trust and credibility are tightly linked. They build on each other.

When we ground our actions in credibility and provide value, then we create trust.

[tweetthis]Constantly “pitching” doesn’t do anything about building trust. It actually builds resistance. [/tweetthis]

On the other hand, never making any offers goes too far the other way. You have to strike a balance between providing others with valuable stuff and telling them what you have to offer.

Your Turn

No matter what you’re trying to do, you want to have the “sticky” kind of visibility. If you do, you’re going to stay in front of your prospects. And, develop a long term – and very profitable- relationship with them.

Your assignment is to answer these questions honestly:

  • How do you provide value to those you encounter?
  • What can you do to increase your credibility?

Need help figuring out what to do about your credibility? Give me a shout, or better yet, book your own strategy session here.

Warmest hugs!

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