Running a Heart-Centered Business

Running a coaching/healing business can be a challenge. Doing it with heart, even more so. The question is how can you overcome the challenges?

Some of the hurdles you face include:

  • Leveraging technology without being overwhelmed
  • Creating and innovating when you’re alone with a busy schedule
  • Being heard in a noisy, babble-full world

I understand the struggles you’re facing - and more. I know your business has to do the heavy lifting for you with minimal supervision. It has to serve you, your clients and the community.

You wish is for a successful business that doesn't suck up all your life energy. One that really speaks for you and resonates with your ideal customers.

Well, you're in right place.

How You Can Build the Perfectly Sustainable Business

These are the fundamentals you need to be a success in business. They are:

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The alignment of your values, vision and a strong connection to Spirit. Everything you do must come from love. You need to love yourself, what you do and whom you serve.

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You need clarity on your path. You’ll have to make choices about where your business goes into the future. Everything you do must be consistent with where you intend to go. And, you must create the strategy now.

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Systems and Foundation

You must know how you'll fulfill the vision. You need understand how business works and how it doesn’t. You must make decisions that'll make your business the unique entity it is. To make it serve those you mean to serve. To serve you and your dream of fulfillment.


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