Are You Sure You Have Made a Real Decision?

Are You Sure You Have Made a Real Decision?

Great! You’ve finally made a decision. You’ve decided to follow your dream, your heart’s greatest desire. But uh-oh! Doubts start nagging at you. You create a plan B. Are you sure you have made a real decision?


It’s not unusual for people to think they need a plan B, when they decide to follow a dream. But think about it, is a backup plan a sign you have made a real decision?

Backup plans are hedges

I hate to tell you this. If you make a decision and it includes a plan B, all you’ve done is hedge your bets. You’re still thinking of ways to move to the safe side of things. You haven’t made a real decision.

“Yeah but…,” you splutter. Right?

Well, here’s what I know about decisions.

Decisions require it all

Hedging your bets means you’ve not committed to give your chosen path your 100% focus.

You haven’t really decided to move forward with all your intention and energy. You’re hedging on ways to not commit wholeheartedly. You’re still thinking about you can do to save face if things go south. Isn’t that so?

The other thing you’re not doing is signaling the Universe you’re ready to move forward to do what you’re called to do. Quite the contrary. The message you are really sending is that you want to be safe.

Desire is the divine call

Willie-Aames-HopeIt is through your desire for something that the Universe calls you to your divine purpose.

Spirit knows you’ve answered the call when you make a decision that is clear and indisputable. It knows you are ready when you’ve burned the bridge right behind you.

Once you make the decision, Spirit starts to bring you what you need. It moves like a freight-train getting stuff to you.

Your decision is a powerful magnet that aligns the forces of the Universe. Just like a physical magnet aligns iron filings in the direction of its poles.

Clear-cut decisions bring success

Hedging a decision is a problem.


Well, doh, all you’re doing is staying safe inside your comfort zone. And, as you already know, the safety cocoon is nothing but a reaction to fear.

If you let it, fear controls the way you think. It prevents you from experiencing your creativity, your flow. It stops manifestation dead in its tracks.

When are you going to make a real decision, then?

Cutting off all other options but your desire, you pass through fear and into doing your divine work.

You cannot fail. Spirit will guide you. It brings you what you need.

Fear will try to stop you. You have look out for that.

When Spirit shows you the next step, don’t throw out excuses. Because if you do, you will be stuck. You won’t move on.

When you make your decision, say: “I follow my desire. I step into this greatness. I accept everything that comes with it.”

First you have to decide

Making a decision is an act of faith. Quite often, you make a decision without knowing all the facts, before you clearly see the way, the options. That makes you (and me) scared. Your ego starts with all the what-ifs.

Have you made a real decision? What will it take?

What can you do? Well, it is simple to say and, sometimes, really hard to do. You have to:

  1. Acknowledge the desire
  2. Make the decision to follow it through
  3. Step out blindly, with nothing but faith

Yes, it would be so much more secure-feeling if you knew the outcome before you decided. But the divine path doesn’t work that way.

The major requirement is that you step out blind, in total faith.

My decision

two-pathsIt’s not easy to take the first step. But, it is absolutely rewarding.

After I left my secure job, I went to work as a contract worker for a major pharmaceutical chain. I was free from the political strife, or so I thought.

Yet, I was still waking up every morning with a little voice in my head saying: “Psst! Is this your dream? Really! Do you want to have to live like this for the rest of your life? Don’t think so… you have to leave.”

I asked my coach: “What will I do if I leave this type of work?”

She told me what I’ve told you. And that I had to trust Spirit to show me the way.

It took me about seven months to decide to leave. Finally, I did. I walked away. It was the scariest thing I’ve done

My husband thought I was crazy and irresponsible. I knew I could not leave the rest of my life without knowing if the inklings were true.

It was. It took a couple months for my first clients to appear. And that first step has led me to what I am doing today.

How about you

Have you made the decision to step onto your own divine path? Have you made a real decision?

It is totally up to you. Making that irrevocable decision is up to you. Do you need help with taking the next step? Make an appointment to see how I can help you make your decision a reality.


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