What Are You Trying to Say to Prospects?

What Are You Trying to Say to Prospects?

Are you trying to hone your marketing message? Chances are you either avoid it, or you’re caught endlessly tweaking to get the words perfect. But, what are you trying to say to prospects?


And, there’s the step where you screw up your courage and test it out on others. You call up some friends and shyly share your message.

Then, boom! You remember why you didn’t want to share it. One person tells you one thing. Another says they’re offended by your use of some word or another. A third gives you a complete rewrite.

It boils down to a bunch of sincere people giving you their honest opinions. About as useful as a wet paper sack to hold groceries.

The Initial Marketing Message

There is a purpose associated with your marketing message.

You’re dedicated to helping people through your business. Hopefully, there’re lots of someones out there. You just want to help them.

Funny thing, help is kindda touchy with humans. People aren’t all that willing to admit they need help. Imagine that!

So, you want to create a direct line between your help and people that need it.

The most successful responses for your help offer happens if a specific problem is associated with a specific solution.

emergency-telephone-blueIn the states, everyone knows “911” is the number to call in an emergency. If you have an emergency, you call 911. You can get police, the fire department, or paramedics at your door quickly. Nice, isn’t it?

Because “emergency” is linked in people’s minds with “Dial 911,” it is a no-brainer now.

Have you noticed that the same kind of link exists elsewhere?

For example, I’m a friend of yours. And, I tell you my back hurts. As a reflex, you may say: “Hey, my chiropractor is great. Want her number?”

Or, someone mentions that their furnace just broke. “You’ve got to call Joe. He’s fantastic with furnace repair.” And so on.

When you have a challenge in your life, you think of a specific person or business, don’t you? Some situation just shows up, and immediately the person or business pops up as the answer to that problem.

You want your marketing message to do that. Just backwards.

Names and Faces

collage-peoples-facesWhen someone asks you:  What do you do? You’d like a marketing message that causes names and faces to pop up for the person you’re talking to. Either they say:

“Yep! That’s me. Tell me more.”
“Oh yeah, my friend Denise needs to talk to you.”

Getting that kind of response, lets you know you’ve made the right association between what you do and a problem that other is facing.

Other Responses

Anything else is useless. It means they don’t see what you do, how you help people. Instead, they want to help you. They’ll try editing what you’re saying. How annoying is that?

You can have a slick, punchy, clever tagline. But, if all that people say is: “That’s cool!” or “That’s nice” or “Wow,” then you missed the boat. You don’t need wow, nice, cool. You need prospects that could reasonably turn into clients.

Whatever-you-call-it (and it has lots of names), it doesn’t need to be cool. It doesn’t need punch. There’s no punch in saying: “Oh, your back is hurting? Call my chiropractor. She’s so good you’ll feel better in a jiffy.”

How to Get Names and Faces

Here at The Holistic Biz, we call this message the Who-What. That’s all you’re saying. You explain who you help, and what you help them with.

I created a whole program about the who-what. I call it “Say What You Do In a Single Sentence.” Check out if you’re interested: Say What You Do in a Single Sentence. And, whether you do it my way or someone else’s isn’t important. The important thing is to get the response you need … yup, you’re right: names and faces.

It’s Not What You Do

It’s a funny thing, people don’t really care what (or how) you do. That approach doesn’t work.

Tell others you’re a coach, and people will say, “Oh, that’s cool.”

But if you say, “I help people with chronic emotional pain who really want to get back to their normal lives,” you’ll get names and faces.

It’s simple; it works.


Sometimes it doesn’t work.

All you’ll get is the deer-the-headlights look. It happens. It’s okay. It all depends on what you are trying to say to prospects. And, who you’re speaking to.

Have you ever thought about buying a new car? You never noticed all the red (blue, green, gray, whatever) Chevy Cruzes out there. Until you decide it’s a good fit for your driving needs. Then, suddenly, there’s all these Cruzes passing you by everywhere you go.

You’d never noticed them before. You never needed to. But now you do.

Notice, if your message right, folks who don’t need you personally (and don’t know anyone who does) will just drive by.

All you want is to ensure that the people you are trying to reach aren’t the ones driving by. You want them to see you. If they aren’t seeing you, it’s time to work on the message.

Here’s an Example

As you take this approach, you’ll notice that people are responding to you differently. No glazed eyes. No ‘errs’ or ‘aahs.” They don’t feel awkward. It’s plain and simple.

What if you’re a coach helping people who work in Information Technology (IT, a very high-pressure field) get balance in their lives? How would the following message land?

I help people in IT who’ve lost themselves in their work and want to find their way back to themselves.

I think people will connect with this message. Even those who aren’t identified in the demographic (people in IT).

Bottom line is: Do people see themselves when you tell them your message?

Your Challenge for Today

Test whatever you’re saying now in answering the question: What do you do? by telling that to some people. See what kind of a response you get.

Is the response you get: “That’s nice,” or “I like it,” or “Why don’t you say it this way?”

Do they say instead: “Oh, that’s me!” or “Gosh, I know lots of people you should talk to.” Do they break down and cry out: “Oh, I could work with you!”

If you get the first set of responses, are you willing to swap the cool and punchy for simple and conversational?

Try it. You just might just like it!

Warmest hugs to you!

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