Do You Want to Get Sharp Focus?

Do You Want to Get Sharp Focus?

Ever feel like you’re scattered to the four winds? Do you want to get sharp focus? It’s no wonder, with Tweets, and IMs, and podcasts out the gazoo!

Focus has become one of the hardest things to achieve.

Let me tell you, though, it’s not impossible. 

There are a few things you can do to get sharp focus. Below are some things to guide you. Follow these steps and you will get it. 

Let’s look at them:

Get Centered

Why am I starting with this?

Well, whether it is by meditating or some other technique, you will do several things beneficial to you:

  • Reduce stress
  • Get some physical and mental “down time”
  • Reduce your body’s production of stress-related chemicals

Think about this for just a moment…

Everything you achieve is the result of your actions. The actions you choose are the result of your decisions. The decisions you make result from your thinking process. Your thinking process is dependent on the quality of your mind.

The quality of your thoughts affects the quality of life. Do you see that? The difference between great success and disaster may be an insignificant moment. The moment when you give birth to a thought and make a decision. That instant when you decide to turn left instead of right. The second when you choose between responding or reacting to a situation.

Life is full of opportunities to choose. Some are more significant than others. They all add up, though.

[tweetthis]Life is full of “opportunities to choose.”[/tweetthis]


Doh! Seems obvious. No, don’t turn away yet.

This one thing is one of the most forgotten items on the planet.

First, don’t overload yourself with to-dos.   And, don’t multitask.   

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the less to-dos you try to tick off every day, the faster your progress will be. 

Each day, make it a habit to go through your to-do list. Select 1-3 key items to finish that day. You’ll find that doing them will move your biz forward in leaps.

They don’t have to be big things. If you planned right, all you have are bite-sized pieces to do. And they don’t have to be perfect. For example, you can write copy for a sales page. Or, you can outline module 4 of the new course. And so on. 

Deal with things like e-mail, social media, requests from others around the main items you’ve chosen.

Get Clear

As you begin working, take time to remind yourself of what needs doing. If nothing else, define the next step.

Continuing the example: “write copy for a sales page” might be clear enough for somebody else.

But, if you aren’t comfortable with writing sales copy, break it down into clear steps. That will tell you where to start:

  • Collect examples of pages you like.
  • Create a structure for your page.
  • Gather information you’ll need, things like conversations with your ideal clients or testimonials.
  • Write the copy.
  • Run it by somebody and get some fresh feedback.

Declare War on Distractions 

What things trigger your distraction? Make a list of them.  Decide what you’ll do beforehand when they arise for each of them. 

For example:

  • Is it your phone ringing that distracts you? Silence the ringer and let it go to voice mail.
  • Distracted by emails coming in? Close the program.  Set a time(s) during the day to check messages.
  • Is it your clients calling in? Let them know ahead of time that you are available for calls during certain days/hours only. This isn’t being rude, it’s setting boundaries for yourself.
  • Keep thinking of to-dos? Record them somewhere — on a piece of paper, a document, your task management software. The important thing is to move on. Don’t jump into doing it, even if it’s something that “will take a minute.”  It won’t.
  • Can’t find what you need? Invest time in getting yourself organized.

One after the other, you’ll get rid of your distractions.  Soon, you will be control of yourself. You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand instead of drifting away.

If you act like you respect your time, you will train people around you to do the same. 

People request as much time from you as you let them.  You must set the boundaries. No one else will.

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin 

Know the things you need to handle yourself and what you should to delegate. 

What deserves your time and attention? What doesn’t? 

Define the stuff that you shouldn’t be doing. Things like running to the post office to mail welcome packets. Or, uploading your blog posts, and scheduling your social media. 

Free up your time to focus on high-leverage activities, those bring in more money. Delegate more. Things like website management & design, copywriting, research, or client support.

[tweetthis]The less you have on your plate, the easier it will be to focus. [/tweetthis]

Put on Your CEO Heels

Schedule regular strategy meetings.  Even if it just you, yourself and you, get in the habit of mapping out your strategy.

If you have a team, call them up and share what’s you’ve accomplished over the past month. Also, share what you’re planning for in the next month.

Why bother? It’ll help you keep yourself on track. It will make sure the things you’re doing daily take you closer to your goals.  It’s so easy to get carried away by the to-dos.

Most of you started your business to do what you love on your own terms.  You expect the “busy” work. And, you jump in to do them eagerly.  What you’re less prepared for is being the leader, the visionary, the captain of your ship.

You can’t forget about your CEO role in the company. And, you can’t delegate it either.

Clone Yourself

What?!? What do you mean, Willis?

By that I mean to get your “how-we-do-it-here” out of your head and into paper. 

The processes you keep in your head take up a lot of grey matter space. 

Those are the kinds of things that pop up the moment you sit down to do something:

  • So-and-so didn’t reply, I need to check in with her.
  • I don’t remember if I added the Share button to the webinar page. Let me double check.
  • I tweeted my blog post, but didn’t share it on FB. Before I start doing this, let me take a sec to post it on FB. When have you everspent just a second on Facebook?
  • Etc.

[tweetthis]Having your processes outlined help you keep track of everything. [/tweetthis]

You won’t have to keep it all in your head.  You can start something and finish it without having to come back to it for rework.

Don’t wait.  It’s much easier to get help you when you just tell them: “Here is the checklist of what needs to happen. And here is the screencast of how to do it.” 

And while they take care of that, you can focus on something you should focus on.

Back to You

Did anything resonate with you?  Which ones are you going to test this week?

Warmest hugs to you,


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