What Do You Do When You Are Feeling Unoriginal?

Are you a writer, an artist, do you create anything? Are you feeling despondent just about now? What do you do when you are feeling unoriginal, jaded?  I’m sure you’ve had one of these thoughts at one time or another.

“Shucks. I was going write about that!”

“Shoot, that was going to be my topic for the next talk!”

“Drat it — I was going to create x with that idea!”

It happens to all of us. You get a brilliant idea, then you stumble upon someone else (or multiple people) that have already done it. And, they’ve done it well.

To add insult to injury, those people are probably more experienced, articulate and well-known.

Not New, But You

When this happens, you might be well throw up your hands, call it quits. What’s the use, right? Why try when you’ve got nothing new to add. It’s all been said & done before.

If you’re tripped up by this, there are somethings you can do when you’re feeling totally unoriginal.

I tell you, it doesn’t have to be something new. But it must come from you.

Take for instance my husband Ken. He has had a problem with losing his breath for a couple of years. And me, in typical loving wife fashion, had been nagging him to talk to the doctor about it.  And what did Ken do? Of course, it went in one ear and out the other. Isn’t that the way it goes with husbands listening to wives?

Well, one fine day, about a year or so ago, we were visiting our son and daughter-in-law. Melanie is a registered nurse, by the way. Ken was playing with Savannah, our granddaughter, when he had to sit down hard because he was out of breath. Melanie sat down next to him and talked to him for a while. He regained his breath and went about his business.

While in the car, on the way home, he came out with: Will you make me an appointment with your family doctor? I think I got to talk to him about my problem.

What?!? I nearly fell on the floor. Mr. Macho-Man was finally going to see the doctor about losing his breath? What miracle happened to change his mind?

Well, it wasn’t a miracle at all. It was merely someone else, in a different voice saying the same thing. And, it finally sunk into that thick skull of his.

So, when you’re feeling unoriginal, there are some things you can do to make the same message unique.

Use Your Story

You may have heard stories of coaches, healers or freelancers that sound like yours. You may wonder how your story is unique. Right? How do you tell it so that it’ll make a difference?

Look at it this way… Your journey is so much more than a simple “starting” story. Where you come from, your cultural background, your family, your beliefs, even your accent helps you deliver information in a unique way. And, it helps your ideal client connect with you.

Weaving your story into your marketing and your services, creates a distinct flavor that represents you in the way that only YOU can.

This is one thing you can do when you are feeling unoriginal. It will bring you right back where you want to be.

Display Your Strengths

You’ve got to be aware of your strengths. You need to own them!

When you’re aware of them and use them to your advantage, your strengths will set you apart from the crowd.

Marie Poulin is a digital strategist. She writes about her strengths on her About page. And, it helps the reader instantly know why working with her will be a unique experience.

She says:

My superpower is illuminating possibilities and activating the potential in others. I help people think bigger, ask better questions, and focus on what really matters.  I will challenge, encourage and inspire anyone I collaborate with.  I’m ferociously curious and empathetic and can’t help but see what’s happening between the lines.

If you’re a member of her target audience, you’re likely to want to know more about her after reading her bio.

Showcasing your strengths helps potential clients to understand quickly how you can serve them in an incomparable way.

Illustrate Your Weaknesses

When you are feeling unoriginal, you can use your weaknesses to display your uniqueness, making what you write truly original.

Most of us think of the word “weakness” as negative. However, you can reframe it by knowing your own weaknesses inside and out just as you know your strengths.

By reframing your weaknesses and making a conscious decision to spotlight them, you can make the difference between being perceived as another “whatever” or being THE “whatever” for the entrepreneur who wants real help, in real time.

How You Describe Your Business

Words have power. The ones you use to describe your business speak volumes about your experience and your personality.

This doesn’t mean that you need to force yourself to use expressions that are not in your normal vocabulary. You don’t have to use colorful metaphors or tell the deeply personal stories. But, if those things fit with who you are, then emphasize them.

If you’re clear about what you do, why you do it, and who you are, others can see very clearly why you are distinctively different.

The words you use often make or break a connection with your ideal clients. Answer the following questions will clarify how you and your business can help the reader:

  1. What you do
  2. The problem you solve
  3. What makes your product or service different
  4. Why should the reader care

But, do it with your style and flair!

How you describe your business lets people get a taste of your way of doing business. And, gives them an idea of what they can expect if they decide to invest their time with you.

What Do Others Say About You

When you describe what you do is a wonderful thing. However, hearing how others describe your work is even more respected.

In the case of many spiritpreneurs, those giving you feedback aren’t only describing your business. They are also describing you,, the individual.

Pay attention to how others choose to describe you and your business. If you do, you gain clarity about what other people think makes you special. Then, you can use that knowledge in your marketing and services.

Don’t Gloss This Over

This is an important message. Why? Because if fear of not being original stops you, you will miss the grand opportunity to share your uniqueness with the world. It will have lost something truly inimitable. It will miss your voice. Your perception. Your very soul.

Don’t be fooled by your ego. You are as unique as every single snowflake, neve to be repeated this side of the death of the Universe. What you contribute matters.

Your Turn

So, have you ever read something repeatedly, but never really got the message? At least not until you heard it from someone special?

Share with me. I’d like to hear your story in the comments below.

Warmest hugs to you,


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