What Does It Take to Be a Partner?

What Does It Take to Be a Partner?

Before there were other modes of transport, the horse opened up worlds of possibility for us. He is a prime example of being a partner. Just what does Picture of a beautiful golden hoese with an almost white mane.it take to be a partner? What does it mean?

What is “Partnership?”

Partnership is making an impact with your work and your message greater than you could by yourself.

Do you have experience with the spirit world?

If you do, you’ll be aware of Horse. He is the spirit animal that stands for power. And, lucky me, he happens to be one of my animal guides.

Going back ages, Horse entered into a partnership with humans. This powerful being allows himself to be put at your service. He enables you to go greater distances than you could have by your own power.

Horse is a symbol here. I am using it to show you how to use your power of partnership in a way that it can power purposeful, positive, and profitable possibilities. 

Possibilities that allow you to serve more people and make you more money!

What Does It Take to Be a Partner?

You must know yourself and your business really well first.

When you are in that space of self-awareness you can enter into any partnership.partnership

Once you’re in it, the first thing you have to do is to open the lines of communication.  

Of course, not everyone communicates in the same way. Different people attach meanings that can be subtle to words and phrases you may not know about. As a partner, you are responsible for the communication between you. So, investigate what those nuances are to make communication crystal clear.

On the other hand, are there any words that you feel “charged” by? It is also your duty to do your own inner work, discover why it is charged and release it. And, to communicate to your partner that which makes you nuts.  

Money as a Dirty Word

[tweetthis] Money is a charged word for many.  [/tweetthis]

I’ve worked with clients on money and its connotations for them. What I’ve found is that you must be in the right relationship with money yourself, if you are going to command your value in the marketplace.  

Is it possible that you have some form of a “karmic contract” from a past life?

My own contract is from this lifetime. I learned from those I trusted as a child that money & prosperity was something for others but not for me. That life was a double-entry accounting book. To get more money, there had to be a sacrifice somewhere else.

But, I’ve worked hard on breaking the contract and writing a new one. I know that money flows abundantly from doing what I love. That there is enough of everything for everyone; I don’t have to give up on something else to get money and prosperity. That I can live my luscious life doing what I love.

Is this an area where you need help? I can help you write your new contract. Book your very own strategy session here.

Selling Is an Act of Power  

The selling conversation is the doorway of opportunity. The Horse spirit is present in it, whether you feel it or not.

It opens for your prospect to make an investment in themselves. They want to create a transformation in their lives.  

When you are part of the conversation, you need the intention that you are partnering with this person.

Your Turn

How can you partner me?  

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