What Is Stopping You, Anyway?

What Is Stopping You, Anyway?

Man stepping through a "no" sign.I know that if you’re like me, you aren’t sure what it is that you want, really. There seems to be something stopping you from knowing your heart’s desire. Something (a hidden resistance, perhaps) that’s making you hesitate to go after your heart’s desire. So, what is stopping you?

It is time to find out what the resistance is and deal with it.

If you start moving toward a goal you really want, the resistance will leap out like a lion stalking its prey. Immediately, it’ll start trying to stop you moving. Your resistance will show up and try to convince you that the obstacles to your goal are insurmountable. I promise you that.

What’s a Body to Do?

All you need to do is find a small, temporary goal that’s so attractive your resistance will believe you really want it. Once you’ve decided, you’re going to take some action and go after that goal. Right now.

Why bother? Well, there’s a most important reason in doing this. Actively moving in any direction, will expose your resistance in a flash.

You see, resistance stays dormant as long as you’re not threatening it. Not threatening the status quo. It wakes up in a heartbeat the moment you show any signs of moving, it doesn’t matter where.

It will proclaim itself very loudly. This is exactly what you want.

You want the reason for the resistance to show itself. It’s important for you to know precisely what you’re up against.

Why Does It Block You?

Intellectually, you know you could make a choice, and if it’s not perfect, you’d change it. Right?

But, deep down you sense some kind of danger in reaching for a dream. Resistance is just the way your subconscious has of trying to protect you from the danger.

We have instincts. It is built into us, just like in animals. If you take a look at an animal that won’t move, you get the unmistakable message: There’s trouble up ahead. Sure, an animal doesn’t always have the best information. But they always have a compelling reason for standing perfectly still.

The same is true for you and me.

The moment you start moving away from the known, your instinct screams: “Stand Still!!!!” Your resistance will block your path. It will use all its weapons to stop you. It will make you feel guilty, ashamed, inadequate, or, better yet, hopeless. Whatever will do the trick!

Worthwhile Work

What’s the difference between “work” and “a job”? Is there a real difference?

You make money at both of them. The difference can be meaning.

If a job has no meaning to you beyond the money, it is a senseless, mindless thing.

Your life’s work feels worth doing, whatever it may be. It’s about the meaning it brings you, whether it makes money or not.

Your Meaning

The word “meaning” is a very big one, when you think about it.

Worried you’re trapped doing work you don’t care about? Well, you’re really worried about meaninglessness. I guarantee that in the back of your soul, you’re wondering how you can make a contribution, a difference. You want to do something that matters.

What could make work meaningful for you? The answer is as personal as your fingerprints. For me, it has to have an element of learning, as an example, or it isn’t worthwhile in the long run.

But, there is no absolute right or wrong answer. You need to find out what meaningful work means to you.

[tweetthis]Your meaning connects your gifts with the world. [/tweetthis] When doing worthwhile work, you feel connected, to your soul, to Divine Source, to the world.

Take the First Step

The first step is to understand there is a connection between what you love doing and something worth doing. They are one and the same thing.

If something really matters to you, you’ve got to bring it into your life. If you don’t, you’ll feel empty. Every workplace feels like a prison.

Mother Teresa had a personal vision. She fulfilled it in helping the poor and sick. People like her listen to their own souls. They’re not just trying to be good. It’s time to cancel the myth that says you have to choose between doing what pleases you and something meaningful.

Having Both

To do something meaningful, you have to do what you love. To do what’s “great”, you have to love it. They’re the Yin-Yang of existence.

To live a life that is exciting and fulfilling, you can’t do what’s “right.” You have to do what’s right for you. It’s the most generous thing you can do.

Do you know how it feels to do work you love? I asked around and got these answers:

  • “It fills you up. It uses everything I’ve got.”
  • “I love my work because it’s always stretching and it’s always seems new.”
  • “I love what I’m doing when I forget the clock.”
  • “It’s my business. To give my all, I have to feel that way, even if I’m paid by someone else.”

Nice work, isn’t it?

Your Work

Whatever you do, it’s either from Heaven or Hell.

Give yourself the gift of creating the world’s most perfect work. Let your imagination run free.

Create your own hours, your own activities, and your most desirable environment. There is one limitation, though: it has to be work, not a lifestyle. It has to have tasks, hours to keep, and pay.

Your Turn

Take a few minutes and imagine what that most desirable thing for you to do is. Let yourself flow free, don’t let feasibility, practicality or any of the other constraining words hold you back.

Got it?

Share what your experience in finding your ideal work is, won’t you? Leave a comment below.

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