Who Do You Think You Are?

Who Do You Think You Are?

Maybe you are old enough to remember, God knows I am. Do you remember the 60s song that starts like this: “Mr. Big Stuff, who do you think you are?”

Now be honest. Isn’t this the same stuff that keeps going on in your head?


You Think….  Your Snarky Gremlin Goes….

I think I’ll record a video for the site…


 Who the hell do you think you are?

I’ll follow up with that person I met at that event. He showed some interest in what I do!


Boy, oh boy! Who do you think you are anyway? Barbara Corcoran?

Your coach tells you to raise your prices. You think it’s a good idea. You try to start… 


Raising your prices is a bad idea. Who do you think you are you can make more money than…?  

You know it too well

You know this voice. It has been following you around all your life. It colors everything you do and say.

It hounds you!

It’s the voice that mouths off whenever you think about being different, being bold, or more nurturing.

It spews out the same six words that steals you every time…

“Who do you think you are?”

It’s your worst nightmare

The voice isn’t alone.  It’s a collection of all your worst experiences. 


It’s the kindergarten boys ganging up on you because you were smarter than they.

It’s your grammar school mean girls mob hanging out sneering at you.

It’s your high school in-crowd mob, making fun of you because your family couldn’t afford stylish clothes.

Every woman has her own version of this mob waiting in the wings.

Even Oprah admits that every time she wanted to achieve more, the first voice she heard was:

“Who do you think you are?”

Oprah, for heaven’s sake. Even the most powerful woman in the world hears it!

What’s it saying?

It goes on incessantly: 

Stay down, play small, shut up, and don’t embarrass yourself. Don’t even bother because you won’t make it.

You don’t deserve it, everyone knows it. They’ll all laugh at you when you fail.

Next time the voice tries to rob you. To stop you from making a bold move, take your mojo back…

All you have to do is answer it.


Who do you think you are?

How does it work?

A few years ago (and, actually, just a couple of weeks ago), I told my first coach about fears I was experiencing about a choice I was making. I said:

“…and all the voices in my head kept saying, ‘Who do you think you are?’”

She paused. I could feel the look across the phone. She finally said: “Well? Who do you think you are?

i_Quit-Depositphotos_943281I paused, stammered a bit. I smiled to myself and continued on.

She stopped me!

“Stop! I really want to know. Who the heck do you think you are? Tell me. RIGHT NOW!”

In a tiny voice, I stammered something.

Then she made me repeat it in a stronger voice.

She said, “There. Now you have an answer for the voices….”

“….you don’t say ‘I quit!,’ do you? Well, stop listening to the nags asking you who you think you are.”

What you need to do

So, here’s your assignment, if you want to make the voice less loud. It will never go away totally. But you can get it where it won’t stop you any longer.

Answer the question:

[tweetthis] Who do you think you are?

Answer it from your gut and heart. [/tweetthis]

Don’t get all holier-than-thou. None of the guff about “I’m a divine being. I am perfect.”

That’s balderdash!

Yes, it’s true that you’re a child of God. But, those words don’t really resonate with you deep down. They don’t serve you, don’t make you any bolder. The mean high school girls will still spit on your shoes.

So get gritty. Get down deep.

Share your answer with the world. With the mean girls. With your family. With those who say you ain’t smart ‘cause you’re a GURL!

Yeah! Who do you think you are?

After you’ve shared your answer, I dare you. Go back and take that one bold step you’ve been avoiding…

Let me know how it goes. I can’t wait to hear.

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