Why Do You Need a Good Vision?

Many people think that creating a vision is beyond them. That it is a time waster, a hopeless activity with no bearing on real life. So, why do you need a good vision in your life?

Did You Know?

The newspaper he worked for fired Walt Disney because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
The TV station she worked for as a TV reporter fired Oprah from her job because she was ‘unfit for TV.’ She was 22 at the time.
The film school he wanted to attend rejected Steven Spielberg, not once…not twice…but three times.
His high school basketball team cut Michael Jordan from the team.
Thomas Edison failed some 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb.

What led these successful and talented people to continue despite failure and rejection? One word: Vision

What is Vision?

Vision is a mental picture of the future. It is an idea of what the future can hold, but has not yet happened. It is the thing inside of you that guides you.

A vision creates a desire to grow and improve. And, embodies your hopes and ideals. It gives you a sense of purpose.

Vision is an exercise of the imagination that brings you glimpses of what is possible, if you’d only let yourself believe.

Why is Vision So Important to You?

Know the Destination

As the owner and leader of your business, you set your destination. You must be aware of the heading.

That’s important. Why? To avoid disaster before it happens, to plan for changes needed in any area of the business.

Vision is the thing that helps a leader like you prepare for the future. It is your vision that keeps you on course during rocky times or unexpected setbacks.

Offers Inspiration to Keep Moving

In running a business, it’s important you keep the end in mind.

As the leader, your vision needs to be strong enough to carry everyone through to the end. If you don’t have a vision, or it isn’t strong, things will stop short of the goals.

Vision helps keep you moving forward and overcome obstacles. Setbacks and obstacles seem small or insignificant considering the more powerful vision. You work through them and persevere, learning as you go.

Provides a Focal Point

With all the distractions and people vying for your attention today, it is hard to feel a sense of accomplishment. You need a good vision to give you focus.

As a leader, acting on your vision gives you the focus need to finish your goals. Vision helps you work on what’s important to achieve the end results, not get caught up in the daily craziness. It helps you to focus on what is important instead of the smallish stuff that others can handle for you.

Gives You Your “Why”

Vision gives you meaning and purpose to all you do. You need a good vision to keep you moving forward.

As the leader in charge of your business, it helps you see the result of your efforts. It gives you your “why?” It gives you the reason that you do what you do.

Your Turn

Do you have a real vision? If you don’t, what are you waiting for to get it formulated?

Let me know, I really want to know.

Warmest hugs,

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