Why the Heck Are You Listening to Everyone?

Why the Heck Are You Listening to Everyone?

Picture of a clock that says time for feedback.Have you been to a presentation and they hand out feedback forms to all in the room? Of all the people in the room, everyone says positive things. But in the pile, there’s two forms that are not as nice.So…which ones will stick with you? I bet it is the two. They stick out like a sore thumb. Yeah. Me too. But why the heck are you listening to everyone else? Why am I?

The Lizard Brain

You know, that part of your brain that is left over from our primeval days. It’s what controls our body automatically. Which is a good thing. But, it has this unfortunate concept of danger, left over from millions of years ago. And it gets us in trouble all the time when it is riled up.

Just so you know, your lizard brain works the same way whether it is physical danger, new ideas and changes in your business.

It doesn’t know the concept of “everyone” and “people.”

When a client comes to me with a bright shiny new idea, a reason to stop doing whatever, or a unexpected change in direction, I start asking questions.

Asking the right ones, the truth often reveals itself.  Many times, the truth is that the new direction has resulted from an encounter with “everyone” or “people.” As in…

“Everyone tells me…”

“People keep saying that I…”


Perhaps we have a neurological need to pay attention to every nit-picky, critical or seemingly thoughtful idea that anyone shares.

lizard-brain-imageMaybe we’ve spent our time weighing our feelings more than the facts, or to the proof, social or otherwise.

Or is it because we doubt our own capabilities and ideas?

Whatever the reason, we seem to equate one or two people with the rest of the world.

It doesn’t matter that we’ve been building momentum, getting clients, and are on track. Yes, there is feedback that’s perfect information to move you forward and up. You are grateful.  Then, you correct your course, reach more people and make more money.

Of course, there are products/services that don’t make it. After all, you’re not infallible.


This is a huge but…

…until you have actual feedback,

…a review of your marketing and sales process

…all you’ve got is your very own drama queen telling you inside that everyone has offered this proof-less opinion or people everywhere wait for you to do something about “it.”

“Everyone” and “people” are terms of hysteria.  Not the language of truth. Not the language of decision.

What to do?

Here’s what you need to do.

Ask-The-Right-QuestionsThe next time you say to yourself, “Everyone has…” Or “People keep saying…”

Do yourself a favor. Ask yourself one simple question: “How many exactly?”

Answer that. Then follow it with one more: “Is that number enough to justify making this big of a deal? Is there another way to look at this?”

Perhaps this isn’t something you do.  Maybe I’m taking a few instances and turning them into a big deal. 

You know, everyone always tell me I do that!

Big hugs to you!


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