Will You Dare to Make the Leap?

Will You Dare to Make the Leap?

I will always remember the day I handed my notice to leave my corporate job. This was what I wanted. Yet, it scared me to resign. How about you, will you dare to make the leap?


Resigning just made it real. There was no going back when I said: I’m resigning…

It felt I was like I was trying to delay the moment. This was the stepping off point. And it boiled down to handing over that one letter.

The game changed. Everything changed in that split second. I had to start think of myself as a business owner and show up as the leader in my life.

It Was Huge and Scary…

…But it was the best decision I’ve made. Ever!

People often ask me about that decision:

Did I worry that it might not work?
Was I scared that I might not get any clients?
What if I failed?

Yes, I worried!

I heard the gremlin in my head screaming:

“WTF have you done? Are you completely out of your mind?!? You have a great job here!”  Make this a quote on the blog….

Change can be scary. It involves letting go, finding courage, and moving forward, in spite the odds. You don’t know the outcome, so it is risky.

When I lived in NYC, I took the subway everywhere. It became second nature to mind the gap! There’s a yellow line painted on every platform.

Why a Painted Line?

mind-the-gap1You’ve heard the saying: energy flows where attentions goes! Right?

It is a reminder to pay attention to the space between the platform and the train. Then, more than likely, you’ll be conscious of avoiding the potential danger.

I use the metaphor of Mind the Gap often. It explains a way you can bridge the gap. How you can navigate through transition.

Growing into the gap helps you be the person you want to be, now.

Minding the Gap reminds you that to succeed at change, you have to be aware of the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

It helps you make the transition real…


The Gap Strategy

The following is the core of this gap strategy:

Where are you now?

gps-navigatorBefore making a change you need to look at your starting point. It may feel uncomfortable.

After all, a GPS can’t work if you enter your destination but not the point of origin. Doh!

Knowing where you are involves some self-assessment. It’s the only way you can have a clear picture of where you are now. You need to know:

What do you want and don’t want in the future?
What are your strengths, skills and passions?
Do you know your value and how to leverage it?

Where do you want to be? 

It’s also important to know what train you’re stepping onto (and, that it’s in the station when you move forward!).

Getting clear, developing a vision and daring to dream will do it.

What does that desired end look, sound and feel like?

You have to investigate. You have to explore your idea. Where do you want to go with it? You have to try it on for size, generate some options.

How will you get there?

Well, first you have to buy a token!

To say it another way, you need to invest time, energy and money to make it happen!

An idea stays an idea unless you work to move towards it. You have to set a deadline and take steps to make it real.

In process, you have to be aware of any gaps in your knowledge, skills and behavior. Then, develop a gap strategy to help you take conscious, deliberate action.

What do you need to learn?
Who is doing this already?
How are you getting in your own way of success?

Back to My Story

mentoringI won’t kid you. I didn’t have a mentor when I started. And I floundered for a bit on my own. Fortunate for me, the right teacher did appear when I needed her most.

After she knocked some sense into my thick head, I decided on a plan of action and a strategy.

Slowly I built my marketability and leverage, learning about being an entrepreneur. It wasn’t a perfect plan but it allowed me to engage, commit and align with my goals.

It prepared me for my leap across the gap.

The gap appeared when I handed my notice in. But, finally, I was ready to cross it.

The final step is often the hardest. It’s scary to watch your old life fade away.

But, will you dare to make the leap happen? If you’d like some help minding and transitioning YOUR gap, drop me an email at lilia AT theholisticbiz.com.

Warmest hugs to you,


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