Move Through Your Overwhelm and Confusion,
Reclaim Your Inner Clarity and Peace


The Holistic Biz helps you find the clarity, order and peace that you’ve been longing for.

In our work, we get to the heart of your problem. We explore options to help you construct a business that serves your life. Together, we work from a place of insight, creating a business you can be excited about.

In doing so, we’ll be using three components:

  • Soul
  • Strategy
  • Systems

There’s always a little more to the story.

We help people like you: spirit-centered owners such as healers, coaches, mentors, authors, and other heart-based business owners (you know who you are).

When seeking a business coach, there are some things to take into account. You want someone with knowledge and technical expertise. And someone with a heart. Someone who will listen to you.

For me, making sure that you succeed is essential. I want you to leave galvanized to grow and profit after working with me. My aim is that the business you build with me represents you and the authentic voice of your calling.

Does enrolling in a program sound restrictive?

I know how much spirit-centered entrepreneurs hate feeling fettered. Not to worry! I’m always happy to fashion a solution that fits your unique needs.

This is Business Growth as Unique as You

When you understand your value and your vision, you can finally build a business that is uniquely yours. One that is profitable and allows space for the things that matter to you.

You may be looking for more revenue, to increase clients, to leverage your momentum, launch a new product or ready to enter the next phase of scaling your operations

Here are the ways in which I’m currently working with clients

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DIY Programs

These are programs you can do by yourself.

The definition of do-it-yourself is:

The activity of doing or making something without professional assistance; or broadly:  an activity in which one does something oneself, on one’s own initiative.

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Need a Helping Hand?

Have a small(ish) problem you need resolved?

You’re wishing there was some sort of tech road map to get this ONE thing done. You just want to bang your head against the wall.

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How to Say What You Do in One Sentence

Do you know how to answer when you're asked: What Do You Do?

Not being able to answer this question, in one sentence, is killing your business.

Learn more here...

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Crack the Code to Productivity

You are ready to implement things to achieve your goals. That is, figure out why to do it. what to do, and how to do it.

Your vision is the end. Your action plan is the means.

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Done for You Strategic Systems

Isn’t it time you stop bleeding money away? Stop wasting time and resources?

Don’t you want to stop working all those long hours? Do you want to have a life once more?

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If you are curious about learning more about becoming super productive and efficient in achieving your goals.

One of my favorite things in the world is sharing what I know with superb women like you.

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