Crush the Overwhelm,
Bring Order to Your Heart-Centered Business

Let’s give shape to your business. So, everything gets done without leaving you exhausted and frustrated.

Yes, you want your business to run smoothly

Not having methods that are reliable is taking your attention from the important stuff. It drives you nuts.

You crave a solution to the chaos. You don't want to feel out of control.

When things aren’t going well, you need a way to get back to order.

You want to stop being the bottleneck of your business. Get all the “what” and “how” details stuck inside your head out.

It’s time to let go of the myth that all you need is the Law of Attraction. You won’t get anywhere unless and until you act.

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What Happy Clients Say...

Tazima Davis

Working with Lilia really helped me to see a way out of what was a very frustrating time for me. I had recently become very clear about expanding my business, and I wanted to do it in a big way. I was full of great ideas and potential projects, but I didn't know how to make it all happen.

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New picture of Jerome Boisard for testimonial page.
Jerome Boisard

Lilia is a sensible guide on a journey that I wasn't planning to do alone. Too challenging for my life comfort. She is an excellent guide, helping you to accelerate the pace when you would rather sit down and look with contempt to the view you already know. Procrastination is not an option.

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Picture of Mary T. Scott for testimonial.

It was a pleasure working with Lilia on my book project. In our weekly phone calls, she provided valuable resources and was a wonderful sounding board for my frustrations and lack of experience in this arena.

Before meeting with Lilia, I was overwhelmed at all that was required, and the many options to consider.

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Jill Russo Foster

I want to thank Lilia for a fantastic 3 months.  On our first call I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the call I felt like we had known each other for years.  Lilia is knowledgeable and presents herself in a way that challenges me to think bigger. 

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Suzannah Weiss
MA, Certified Green Belt NIA Instructor & Personal Trainer, AFAA / Suzworks

Lilia is a huge influence on my productivity.  Since we started working together on my current project, the pace of my work has increased 200% or more.  Lilia keeps me focused, speaks frankly and sets reasonable expectations for me.  We've talked at length about my business vision, my strengths and weaknesses, and what my company needs.

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Margie Beiswanger

I’m an organized person – in my personal life and in my business. And yet I didn’t have in place systems that would help my business run even more smoothly than it already did.

Talk about laborious and inefficient, not to mention a virtual playground for miscommunication and mistakes!

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Cookie Rosenblum, MA

After working with Lilia for two years, I can honestly say that my entire business has changed in a big way.  Lilia has both depth and breadth of business knowledge and experience.  This background fills in the gaps of my own experience.  So, at times, Lilia is acts as a trusted adviser, giving me input and advice.

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Rather quickly, I realized that flying by the seat of my pants – or relying solely on “Spirit’s guidance” of me – is just not enough.

Don’t get me wrong, Spirit has taken care of me 100% of the way, and I know always will. But my life’s purpose is to heal. The truth is, I don’t know what I don’t know about running a successful business.

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Pleasure to Work with Lilia

Just a quick message to say it has been a pleasure to work with you Lilia over the last few months, and I have looked forward to each call. It’s been great having someone to hold me account able to my "homework" but without judging me in any way.

Sarah Lynn /Emerald Dreams Online


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Work On Your Business, Not In It

A great business, like a masterpiece, isn’t built on formulas or cookie cutter plans.

You want things to run smoothly. You want to enjoy your working day and have plenty of time to spend with family, but…

Everywhere you turn for help for your creative business, you find another cookie cutter plan.

Enough is enough!

Smart business owners – like you – create their success by designing their own inventive strategies. They don't use someone else's.

Where to Start?

First, decide to stop wasting time, energy and money in doing things the way you are now. It doesn’t work well, does it?

Second, commit to changing your mindset.

Third, find help.

The Done for You Strategic Systems Program is just the place to get help.

Work on Your Systems Program

The to get your business in its best shape is to use the Done for You Strategic Systems Program.

The program consists of the following modules:

1 – Where Do You Stand?

This part of the program is dedicated to finding out where do you stand with your business.

Where You Are Now?

The first session assesses where you are now. Using a series of questions, you determine what is/is not working in the business. What is keeping you from achieving your desired goal.

Where Do You Want to Be?

In Session 2, you reaffirm your values, vision and mission for the business.  These things are your business’ founding documents, the things that are your very own Constitution, the basis for your business.

2 – Create a Strategy for Your Business’ Structure

During this portion of the program, we will assess how your business is organized and how you are currently carrying on activities. We do this to identify and prioritize what systems are essential to your business. I will use the priority order to develop the needed systems for you. The end result is to have a plan for implementation.

3 – Determine Who is on the Team

You’ll determine the most important roles to make your business run effectively. You’ll define what each role must do to make your business work. You’ll learn where you can find help and how to select the right people.

4 – Work on Your Systems

During this phase of the program, I’ll begin with the prioritized list of 10 most important systems. Beginning with the top priority, the existing version of the system will be documented, examined for completeness and optimized. I address each system on the list the same way. Additionally, I will teach you how to proceed with the less critical systems to complete your infrastructure.

Once this phase is completed, you have the start of your organizational foundation.

5 – Test-Drive the Systems

During this phase, I will test each completed system. It is important I do this. Why? Well, this is the first time that each system is viewed as a whole that integrates with other systems. It is necessary that I ensure each individual system meets the functional requirements of your business, as well as any technical requirements of any tools put in place.

6 – Prepare Materials to Train Your Existing Team

Together we will determine how you will train your existing team. If needed, I deliver training materials suitable for training to your central repository for documentation.

Yes, This Is Just What I Need! What Does It Take?

Your money investment will start from $4,500.00.

Your time investment will take 4 to 6 months..

Your investment includes complete done-for-you systems, expert coaching, personalized feedback, training materials, action plan, and extensive resources — everything you need to continue to successfully build your dream business infrastructure.

A payment plan is available: $850.00 for 6 months.

What You Get for Your Investment

As a result of working together, you will have:

  • Clearness as to what your infrastructure looks like
  • Certainty that you are able to document processes
  • Assurance that repeatable, predictable and consistent processes are in place
  • Confidence that the infrastructure can be maintained
  • Clarity about the roles that you need to play at the moment
  • Demystify the tasks and roles you need to outsource in the future
  • Confidence that you are on the correct road

After Your Transformation…

  • How your business works is super organized and runs well.
  • Your anxiety melts into peace and productivity.
  • The overload and overwhelm transforms into a sense of power.
  • Instead of waking up exhausted from worrying all night, you sleep peacefully. And, wake up refreshed, elated to go to work.
  • Watching your opportunities expand and your business grow excites you.

Ready to Get Started!

I invite you to sign up for a FREE Strategy Session with me.

We see if we fit together well during the call. You determine your readiness to having someone else do things for you.

Start by clicking on the yellow button. You'll enjoy owning a prosperous business that creates MORE freedom and income for you!

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