Do You Know How to Answer When You're Asked: What Do You Do?

What Do You Say?

You know you’re good at what you do. You love it! And, the people you’ve worked with also love what you do, but Blue sign with yellow callouts that says: How to say what you do. they don’t know how to tell other people what you do. 

And, “What’d you do?” comes up over and over again, doesn't it? At network meetings. At parties. On Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, G+. In writing your website content.

Not being able to answer this question, in one sentence, is killing your business.

Any of these sound familiar?

Most of the time, when you answer the question, do they:

  • Get the “deer-in-headlights” look?
  • You go on and on, boring the other person to death?
  • They don't remember you from Adam when you leave their sight?

This does nothing for your business. Zip. Nada. Zilch.

It's like buying clothes. You want some that look good on you, are comfortable, and easy to wear. It’s like that. You want others to feel you're approachable, wanting to reach out.

Let’s Make It Easy

Here at The Holistic Biz, I’ve discovered an effective way of helping people answer the question. It has soul, it’s not manipulative, and it works.

Clients tell me, “I just stood up at the meeting, used what I came up with. Suddenly I had three new calls and people asking me about how to get in touch with me.”

How to Say What You Do in a Single Sentence

This is a short course, with its share of spiritually nourishing teachings.

I will teach you:

  • The three components that make up the one sentence. We’ll look at each component in detail, with examples.
  • What you can expect the One Sentence to do. You won’t need to cram too much in it. You won’t sound like a failed political ad.
  • How to delve into the fear of target market and selecting a niche. Of trying to reach everyone. You know … all the stuff that comes up as you try to define who serve and what you do.
  • How to make it spontaneous, like a conversation you’re having.

Bite-Sized Pieces

The whole course is broken into bite-sized pieces:

Class 1: Enough! No Heavy Stuff Allowed – Part of why answering “So… what do you do?” seems so hard is because you think the answer has to do so much.  Learn why that isn’t so.

Class 2: Niching – Instead of describing what you do or who you are, your One Sentence should describe who your client is and what they struggle with only.

Class 3: Demographics – The things we do, the roles we play, our physical body and other visible characteristics comprise a strong sense of identity for people. Naming an important aspect of this identity helps a person feel seen, safe and understood.

Class 4: Psychographics – Beliefs and values drive most actions and decisions. Consciously or not, most of what we’re drawn to or avoid is based on whether our beliefs and values are being demonstrated.

Class 5: The Problem – Whatever problem people face, wherever your best clients get stuck, it tends to take up all their attention. Giving them empathy for the problem, letting them know you see them, is extremely compelling.

Class 6: Putting It All Together – Putting together all the elements into a sentence makes for a compelling combination.

Class 7: The Only Response That Really Matters – Testing your One Sentence is critical. How else do you know it works? Learn who you test it with, and what kind of feed­back you pay attention to.

Is that cool or what?

What’s Bite-Sized?

Sounds Great! But… What’s “bite-sized?”

Someone tweeted me that they’ve been struggling with how to say what they do for over seven years! That’s not “bite-sized.”

Each segment of this course is meant to be completed in a 30 minute session with me, and then worked on for another 20 min-60 minutes or so.

Here’s what each bite-sized segment includes:

  • A short (30 minute), recorded session for each module.
  • A PDF of easy-to-read content.
  • Exercises to be completed by you.
  • Examples for you to review
  • Review of all your work with me.


Other Things That Happen

These are other things that happen during the course:

  • How to select and fit all the things together, instead of having multiple statements that you forget.
  • Know which projects to pursue, which to let go of as a result of your One Sentence.
  • Reducing overwhelm and creating momentum in your business.
  • Clients knowing how to tell other people what you do.

Yes, referrals will work, at last!

It seems like a lot to pin on one simple sentence. Believe me, it really works.

And fun! This course is going to be particularly fun, because it will be in bite-sized segments. Which are fun.


Your cost: $275. If paid in full or three easy payments of $99.00 each.

You get it all: recorded calls with me, tutorials, exercises, examples.

That’s it. A bargain!

Ready to get going?

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