You are Stretched Thin
To the Point You Can't Stretch any Further

You’ve Hit a Ceiling...

You’re struggling.

You don’t know how to get from where you are to a place where you’re free of worry.

Are You Ready to Move Out of Chaos?

Yes, you can grow your business – in your unique, intentional, creative way!

You know what it takes:  drive, determination, and commitment to reach your goals. All you need is someone to show you what to do and how to do it.

I can show you what it takes to make your business run effortlessly. You could…

  • Build a profitable business
  • Have more time and freedom you so can do what you love (you know, the reason why you started a business in the first place)
  • Design your business to work around your strengths and passions
  • Stop worrying about the details of the business; it works even when you’re not there
  • Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t

You CAN Do It

And in less time than you think.


Systems and Structure Program

This is a four-to-six-month experience for you.

The program meets you right where you are. With what you have. It shows you the steps to take.

You learn an entire way for organizing and running your business. A process that works — intentionally, creatively, consistently without losing your connection to Spirit.

What Satisfied Clients Say About Working with Me

Tazima Davis

Working with Lilia really helped me to see a way out of what was a very frustrating time for me. I had recently become very clear about expanding my business, and I wanted to do it in a big way. I was full of great ideas and potential projects, but I didn't know how to make it all happen.

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New picture of Jerome Boisard for testimonial page.
Jerome Boisard

Lilia is a sensible guide on a journey that I wasn't planning to do alone. Too challenging for my life comfort. She is an excellent guide, helping you to accelerate the pace when you would rather sit down and look with contempt to the view you already know. Procrastination is not an option.

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Picture of Mary T. Scott for testimonial.

It was a pleasure working with Lilia on my book project. In our weekly phone calls, she provided valuable resources and was a wonderful sounding board for my frustrations and lack of experience in this arena.

Before meeting with Lilia, I was overwhelmed at all that was required, and the many options to consider.

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Jill Russo Foster

I want to thank Lilia for a fantastic 3 months.  On our first call I wasn’t sure what to expect, but by the end of the call I felt like we had known each other for years.  Lilia is knowledgeable and presents herself in a way that challenges me to think bigger. 

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Suzannah Weiss
MA, Certified Green Belt NIA Instructor & Personal Trainer, AFAA / Suzworks

Lilia is a huge influence on my productivity.  Since we started working together on my current project, the pace of my work has increased 200% or more.  Lilia keeps me focused, speaks frankly and sets reasonable expectations for me.  We've talked at length about my business vision, my strengths and weaknesses, and what my company needs.

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Margie Beiswanger

I’m an organized person – in my personal life and in my business. And yet I didn’t have in place systems that would help my business run even more smoothly than it already did.

Talk about laborious and inefficient, not to mention a virtual playground for miscommunication and mistakes!

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Cookie Rosenblum, MA

After working with Lilia for two years, I can honestly say that my entire business has changed in a big way.  Lilia has both depth and breadth of business knowledge and experience.  This background fills in the gaps of my own experience.  So, at times, Lilia is acts as a trusted adviser, giving me input and advice.

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Rather quickly, I realized that flying by the seat of my pants – or relying solely on “Spirit’s guidance” of me – is just not enough.

Don’t get me wrong, Spirit has taken care of me 100% of the way, and I know always will. But my life’s purpose is to heal. The truth is, I don’t know what I don’t know about running a successful business.

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Picture of Sarah Lynn for Testimonial page.
Pleasure to Work with Lilia

Just a quick message to say it has been a pleasure to work with you Lilia over the last few months, and I have looked forward to each call. It’s been great having someone to hold me account able to my "homework" but without judging me in any way.

Sarah Lynn /Emerald Dreams Online


How the Program Works

You’ll have:

  • An integrated series of lessons to help you think strategically about where you are going
  • Teachings to show you how to do the work for yourself
  • Done-for-you tutorials that you can adapt for your business
  • My support to give you honest feedback

In the process, you’ll increase revenue and profits, add value to your business and build a business that really works.

The Steps

The following are the steps we take during the program:

Set Up an Appointment to Talk

The program starts with a strategy session. Set up an appointment to talk, if this program is for you.

During the session, you and I will look at your business through the lens of the course outline.

You’ll see what’s standing in your way.

You’ll get to know what steps you need to take to produce immediate results and long-term change.

If you like my perspective, we’ll determine what part of the course will give you the best results:

Strategy Button

Assess Where You Are Right Now

After you’ve signed up for the program, you’ll have an in-depth conversation with me about where your business is currently. We will touch on everything from leadership and management to marketing and sales.

You prioritize what is most important for you right now with my help.

We create next steps and begin sharing the tools you need to cure your most pressing frustrations.

Define Where You Want to Go

Next, you define your BIG vision and establish your long-term goals.

You create a vivid picture of the company you want. One that reflects your values. It expresses your vision through the:

  • Look and feel of your business,
  • Your culture, 
  • Target market,
  • Product mix
  • Desired financial results.

You’ll have a plan that makes sense to get you from here to where you want to be.

Build the Systems for Your Business

I’ve developed an approach for building your business foundation that ties systems and technology together. Your business can grow without gobbling up your life as a result.

You will:

  • Identify the key systems you need to succeed.
  • Build them for consistent, predictable results.
  • Create a culture of improvement.

Become the Boss

Your business is a balance of systems and people to run them.

In this phase of the program, you will:

  • Create the road map for divesting yourself of tasks that are not CEO work.
  • Choose the right people for your team.
  • Get results using communication, accountability, and trust.

Make Friends with Money

You learn to treat money as the divine flow it is.

You discover techniques to manage cash proactively. You won’t have nasty money surprises down the road.

You will:

  • Create and manage financial resources to reach your goals.
  • Plan to earn a profit.
  • Keep score of the value you create.
  • Eject any money baggage you’re carrying.

Plan for the Future

You learn how important it is to be the leader of the business. You’ll be able to:

  • Be on the lookout for new opportunities.
  • Revise your action plan to reflect changed conditions and opportunities.
  • Be flexible.
  • Keep your vision in mind at all times

Get Results

By working with me, you will get short-term relief from pressing problems. You'll also achieve long-term change for your continued well-being and business’ growth.

And, you’ll get the following results:

Result 1: Increased Revenues and Profits

This program helps you create a divine flow of money. You know how to generate the income level you need. You manage cash proactively. And, there are fewer surprises down the road.

Stacks of money
Shaking hands.

Result 2: A More Valuable Business

In addition to cash, the value of your business is a function of your growth and your repeatable, proprietary processes. Working with me will show you how to build the systems that make a business appealing to a potential buyer while easier for you to manage.


Result 3: A Business That Works for You

I know how easy it is to get caught up in doing “what needs to be done today.” Unfortunately, it is at the expense of the long-term needs of your business.

Through working through this program, you’ll develop your skills as a BOSS (getting results through others rather than doing it yourself) and as an Entrepreneur (thinking strategically rather than acting tactically), and become the leader of your business you’ve always wanted to be.

Handrawn checkboxes.


What You Get For Your Investment

As a result of working together, you will have:

  • Clearness as to what your infrastructure looks like
  • Certainty that you are able to create intentionally inventive processes that fit you and your unique business
  • Assurance that repeatable, predictable and consistent processes are in place
  • Confidence that the infrastructure can be maintained
  • Clarity about what roles that you need to play at the moment
  • Demystify the tasks and roles you need to outsource in the future
  • Confidence that you are on the correct road
  • Have an abundant relationship with money's divine flow

Here’s how to get started

Get in touch with me. Call me, e-mail me, or send a message here. You don’t even have to know what to say. You can just say, “Lilia, I need help” and that’s good enough to start with.

I’ll ask you a bunch of questions and you can ramble through your big, gorgeous, and untidy dream.

Then, we’ll start a plan to make it work.

Get started now. Click on the yellow button below!

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